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  1. nodle


    No wonder their stocks do so well. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/weed-marijuana-fastest-growing-industry-us-job-market-report-2019-3-1028039054
  2. nodle

    HoloLens & VR headsets

  3. nodle

    What's your take on the whole 'Q' phenomenon?

    Wow this is strange! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/everything-we-know-about-24-year-old-accused-of-killing-a-mob-boss/ar-BBUYDJr?li=BBnb7Kz
  4. nodle

    Stranger Things

  5. nodle

    Nintendo Switch

    Well there you have it.
  6. nodle

    Action figures in your PC case trend

    Nothing yet...
  7. nodle

    Action figures in your PC case trend

  8. nodle

    All things World of Warcraft

    Switched up to Shadow Priest, having fun learning new mechanics. I think WoW is free to play this weekend @C Pav .
  9. nodle

    Let's talk beards

    Get him @C Pav !
  10. nodle

    Ice ice baby

    Last of the snow here boys, 50's all week! Not much snow left on the yard.
  11. nodle

    Let's talk beards

    Well boys, this journey has ended. It was a fun ride while it lasted.
  12. nodle

    Firewalla Blue - Cybersecurity Firewall Review

    Looks like Firewalla released a nice walk though of their interface today.
  13. nodle

    Your pick of Antivirus for 2018

    Interesting. How do you deal with someone wanting to send multiple files that might be to big? Dropbox etc.? Also are you blocking by extension? Say some sends a .RAR or .7zip? Or are they all blocked as well?
  14. nodle

    Firewalla Blue - Cybersecurity Firewall Review

    This little device is still going strong. I have been wanting to try out the ad-block feature on it. I think it could replace my Pi-hole really. It is just a nice piece of mind knowing when a device connects to your network. I know they are constantly working on new features, so I can't wait to...
  15. nodle

    Your pick of Antivirus for 2018

    Nortons's saved my butt the other day at work. I was sent a zip and within the zip was a good old piece of ransomware. Nortons got it. (y)
  16. nodle

    All things World of Warcraft

    LOL what did WoW do? 😂 so they introduced a new race and people are having fun with the names and the models.
  17. nodle

    Nespresso makers

    Just placed another order for some espresso pods. Their coffee pods are ok, but the espresso is where this baby shines.
  18. nodle

    Let's talk beards

    I think we might be parting ways this weekend. 😔
  19. nodle

    AMD Ryzen cpu chips

    Got an email from AMD for a free copy of Tom Clancy's - The Division 2 for purchasing my AMD chip.
  20. nodle

    The housing market crisis in America