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  1. jmanz

    Action figures in your PC case trend

    So what did you put in your case Nodle?
  2. jmanz

    Let's talk beards

    Got a spring trim. I don't plan on getting rid of all of it anytime soon.
  3. jmanz

    Your pick of Antivirus for 2018

    We have a file transfer system in house we direct people to if they need to send large/multiple files. Yes blocking by extension. In fact, our ISP blocks zip now too. So they don't even make it to our level. I'm not positive about RAR or 7zip.
  4. jmanz

    Your pick of Antivirus for 2018

    We don't even allow zip files to go through anymore.
  5. jmanz

    Let's talk beards

    Well the good news is you can bring it back at any time.
  6. jmanz

    Ice ice baby

    Have a blizzard coming our way this afternoon. Sounds like a doozy. Big weather impacts all over the country.
  7. jmanz

    The Netflix & Amazon Prime Recommendation Thread

    If you haven't watched Ozark yet, WHAT IS YOU DOING?
  8. jmanz

    Elizabeth Warren wanting to break up big businesses

    She's a fraud. Not much else needs to be said about her.
  9. jmanz

    Action figures in your PC case trend

    lol for dumb
  10. jmanz

    Amazon and shipping

    And you haven't complained yet???????
  11. jmanz

    The 2019 government shutdown

    If walls and fencing don't work, I wonder why most of the rich and famous live behind them? Of course they are deterrents. Will it stop everyone? No. But I imagine it will help along with security officers. Now if you want to talk about spending money on it, that's a good discussion. But the...
  12. jmanz

    Best car battery brand

    800 CCA?
  13. jmanz

    Let's talk beards

    Told ya
  14. jmanz

    Amazon Alexa devices

    :ROFLMAO: Grab that money Bezos.
  15. jmanz


    I THOUGHT YOU SAID CORN!!!!!!!111111
  16. jmanz

    Amazon Alexa devices

    I just don't feel like that stuff makes big enough changes to warrant spending the money for it. I can turn lights on and off myself. I'm all for technology but these things aren't significant game changers to me. Just my opinion. But then again, I don't use Siri either and I get along just fine.
  17. jmanz

    Amazon Alexa devices

    I suppose these devices are kind of like the gateway drug to smart appliances, smart plugs, and such. Great way to keep spending that $$$$$.
  18. jmanz

    Let's talk beards

    That's what the guy on the video you posted above compared it to. Catholic church smell.
  19. jmanz

    Subway's cheesy garlic bread

    I was just going to mention this......I recommended to a friend that goes to Subway once in awhile to try it. He did so today and said it was pretty mediocre for him. He didn't mind it but nothing to great he said.
  20. jmanz

    Ice ice baby

    It's climate change now. Covers all bases, if it gets hot or cold. :LOL: