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  1. ndboarder

    All things related to the Xbox platforms

    Ugh. It's kind of been the standard for the next gen version to have that $10 price bump by others anyway, but... Makes GamePass even more appealing, when it's just $99 a year (for now I guess) and you get all the 1st party games anyway
  2. ndboarder

    Firefox web browser

    Nope. Haven't touched it in years. I used internet explorer more recently than Firefox. Was mostly a mix of Chrome and Edge, but have just been on Edge since the chromium version released
  3. ndboarder

    What mouse do you use for your computer?

    Still running a G903 - if I weren't at a PC, I'd assume I was using palm grip as well. When my hand is just resting, it is sort of that - but now that I'm paying attention it's more like the claw grip most of the time when I'm actually doing anything
  4. ndboarder

    Coffee Drinkers unite!

    Just get you one of these things that will grind your beans, make your coffee and keep it hot in an thermal carafe instead of glass?
  5. ndboarder

    Star Wars - Andor

    If you aren't one of these, why would you want to watch any of these series
  6. ndboarder

    Magnetic oil plugs and filter adapters

    Pulls some tiny filings out, which are probably coming from the mechanical parts moving around in the first place. How much extra damage do those little bits that it caught do if they continue to flow? Would the same things have been just caught in the filter material if a magnet hadn't pulled...
  7. ndboarder

    Meater - wireless meat thermometer

    There are many devices around like this. That one looks neat for being fairly self contained. A lot of grills these days have this kind of stuff built in. I know the Green Mountain Grills for pellet had Wifi and multiple thermometers to track temps years ago. Recent Traegers have finally...
  8. ndboarder

    Ducky one 2 mini keyboard

    I dunno, if there isn't a numpad, I'm not really a fan.
  9. ndboarder

    Adult daycares, the new generation of workers

    It's easily possibly. "Almost no one came into the office" - yet they also then had to pay chef's and possibly other staff to keep the dining areas with food, pay for the ingredients to go into meals, utilities to run the cooking devices etc. Add all the costs up that would normally be...
  10. ndboarder

    The Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, & Apple TV+ Thread

    Paramount+ launched the new TransFormers: EarthSpark last Friday. A number of episodes about some first Earth born TransFormers. Kid watched way too much of it over the weekend. Seemed decent, but I'm easily entertained. Also, Megatron is an Ally to the Autobot crew now...
  11. ndboarder

    The Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, & Apple TV+ Thread

    I haven't had Netflix for years at this point. They've been mostly hot trash since stopping the release of new movie content when it became available to rent, which has been a long while now. Didn't drop it then, but it was never used enough after that. Most of their shows aren't appealing...
  12. ndboarder

    Finally a great oil filter idea!

    Isn't oil pumped through the engine constantly and thus pumped through the filters. If you look at the bottom of your filter, I think it's the little holes that the oil will flow into the filter, into the area that's filled with actual filter material. As more oil is pumped in, it gets forced...
  13. ndboarder

    The Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, & Apple TV+ Thread

    Interesting... but then again there's live action Halo series available and I haven't watched that, so doubt I'd pick up Netflix again for Gears
  14. ndboarder

    Subway sandwich flavors

    Like any chain, the quality will vary by location. Jersey Mike's that I've tried was good, but nothing special. Firehouse has some great subs, I really like their New York Steamer, but had a debacle with the local Firehouse and they've gone downhill, so no longer give them business. In case...
  15. ndboarder

    Nostaliga items

    I forgot all about this game. I don't recall much of it either, but I should still have it in a tub with all my NES stuff
  16. ndboarder

    Let's talk Legos

    Build some Christmas time nostalgia for decoration?
  17. ndboarder

    Fallout 4 Xbox achievements not working

    Now that you say this, I've heard of things like PiHole or such messing with connectivity issues or other things across various platforms. I think I have specifically heard of this issue with achievements once before, but it's been a while and I didn't think of it.
  18. ndboarder

    Prime Days 2022

    Two day holiday sale. I dunno, just go to Amazon, first thing I see on the page is about the sale on the 11th-12th
  19. ndboarder

    Tesla and electric vehicles

    Nice plan, but doubt they'll put anything on an open ledger to see exactly where every penny is going, which gives Musk an easy out
  20. ndboarder

    The sports cards mega thread

    Nothing wrong with MTG