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    This is the worst start to a December for the stock market since the Great Depression
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    Thing's that make you laugh (part deux)

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    Pi-hole - Network wide Ad blocking

    Pi-hole v4.1 Is Now Available
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    Oil bust inevitable

    Starting in 2020, all new homes in California must come with solar panels.
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    Nespresso makers

    Does anyone have a Nespresso maker, or have they every tried one? Seems like they have a new model out that uses centrifugal force to push the water though the coffee. The pods are a little more expensive than a Keurig, but they are suppose to be way better.
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    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Tried out the rifle for the first time, along with sighting in the scope. I can group a dime at 50yds easily. Then the wind started to pick up. Would had liked to had tried at 100yds.
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    Nintendo's miniature NES

    Better head back and grab once of each. Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic are going out of production
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    Nintendo's miniature NES

    If you have a chance you should get one of these, word on the street is they are going to become harder to find once again.
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    Nintendo Switch

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    All things Obamacare

    Well after all this time, there you have it folks. Judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional
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    Alexa "do you for for the CIA?"

    So ya I am hooked now, installed my Echo Plus tonight, the sound is pretty amazing for such a small device. Also setup my Phillips Hue bulb which was easy and works flawless as well.
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    Noco genius power boost

    The GB40 is what I have can go up to a 6.0l gas or 3.0l diesel 1,000 amps. Link Well worth the investment. If you go to need one and don't have one you will wish that you did. Plus your saving $20 right now, stick with this brand btw don't go with a cheap Chinese knockoff.
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    The Hillary Clinton conspiracy

    You want to get into something crooked I love how they now can't find the missing text message which would help the Muller investigation against Trump. They now blame it on a 'software glitch' :rolleyes: Justice Dept IG blames FBI-wide software failure for missing Strzok-Page messages
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    Noco genius power boost

    So goodbye to the old days of jumper cables! I bought myself one of these about 4 or 5 months ago. Noco seems to be the best but there are tons of companies making them now. The build quality is excellent. So I have had it sitting in my garage after the first initial charge and it's still at...
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    Dat Johnson & Johnson stock. Probably doesn't help that it came out that they have known that baby powder causes cancer all along. Get ready for even more lawsuits.
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    Dat $XPO :cool:
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    Blink XT outdoor cameras

    Bah I couldn't resist, they have them on sale now, came with a free dot, and i had credit as well.
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    The Hillary Clinton conspiracy

    If you haven't realized that in America now there is a whole nationwide, no let me rephrase that, world-wide system that is very anti-Republican, or maybe just anti-values and morals. There is big money behind the manipulation of the media, manipulation of the internet which in turn changes the...
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    Blink XT outdoor cameras

    Has anyone heard about these? 2 years on battery life is decent. Seems they are an Amazon company now, so works with Echo etc. Reviews aren't to bad on them.