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  1. Synology 918+ NAS

    Have you tried from the source format to MKV and from source to MP4? MKV is just the container - but I wonder if you are converting from MKV to MP4 if you are ending up with double compression
  2. Synology 918+ NAS

    It won't use much CPU just to stream content. There's very little overhead to that once the stream is setup and connected. Now, try to stream from a phone when you are not on your network... One of three things will happen: 1) It will work - in which case you have highly compressed video formats already or a crazy good upload speed on your home internet 2) You will get a lot of buffering - can't broadcast fast enough and the device cannot/will not attempt to transcode 3) CPU/GPU usage on the server will go through the roof doing transcoding to get from source format to something it can broadcast to your device over WAN fast enough
  3. Stranger Things

    That wouldn't be surprising at all. When I heard they wanted to release faster because of the young actors and aging, I didn't think it really made that much sense. The others like 11 could continue to be found. A shift toward those characters could open up other areas, or spinoffs. They kids could have this stuff follow them, so throughout highschool - college- adult life - no need for it to end because they grow up.
  4. Facebook hacking brains

    He's talking about everyone's desire to be accepted or to have their ideas/thoughts/opinions validated or agreed with. They prey on that desire with Likes and other features on the site. Not really much different than the reaction button here on these forums, just reaching a much larger audience and reaching them across more and more platforms to let people know when something is liked or if someone they follow has posted something new. Always something to bring people back and to give validation, and to sell ads....
  5. Stranger Things

    Series isn't over or anything, so there will be more to come. They could definitely do more, or have more episodes in the seasons, but they seem to keep their releases to a binge-able number of episodes and will keep releasing seasons. Someone told me the seasons of this were supposed to start coming a bit faster to capitalize on it while the kids are still kids.
  6. Cuphead

    That Forza car looks like it was taken straight out of a cuphead level.
  7. Cold

    January weather? I haven't seen any -30 temps yet. I haven't even put on more than a hooded sweatshirt to be outside yet. This actually seems more like November than the past many years. I remember it seeming like more often than not we'd have to trick-or-treat in snow pants and winter coats growing up and in recent memory late October is still pretty mild
  8. All things related to the Xbox One

    It will upscale. It will also super sample, aka making the same games look slightly better than they did before on a 1080p television. However, nothing can get you true 4K gaming without actual 4K assets. Games that run in 4K have additional assets, either that ship with the game or that have come in a patch for already released games to enable true 4K content. You do not have to have these to be "compatible" - so the console can play any game that exists for Xbox One. Likewise any game that is enhanced for Xbox One X, can be played on the original or S consoles. The enhanced games just have additional graphic assets or such to make use of the X hardware. Also, Xbox One X "enhanced" games aren't all necessarily 4K. Developers could be using the hardware capabilities in many ways and labeling as enhanced. They might be increasing framerate, they could increase the draw distance throughout the game and so forth. I mean, there's even some of the backwards compatible Xbox 360 games that got updates to be enhanced for the X The list of games enhanced for it is already getting fairly long: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/xbox-one/xbox-one-x-enhanced-list I saw a review from the Penny Arcade guys that was pretty flattering of the X as well. They haven't be X1 fans, but they seemed impressed from what I read.
  9. All things related to the Xbox One

    Well, the Xbox One X launches today. I've been beta testing one for a few months now. 4K visuals weren't really there for most of the beta, but have been rolling out in games like crazy the past few days, so I look forward to seeing how those look on my 4K TV. The super sampling of 1080p games to make them look better was apparent and the increase in load times with the more powerful console was dramatic. I could always tell which of my other friends were also testing an X, because they were the only ones that would load into areas of games at the same time I did and not 10-15 seconds later.
  10. Stranger Things

    Yeah, my comment was fairly useless, hadn't been shared in here. I didn't see a delete option though
  11. Stranger Things

    Old news - that happened early last week or maybe even the week before
  12. Ice ice baby

    I recall some years with a lot of storm days. Can't say I recall going on a Saturday for make up - maybe a vague recollection of such a thing but it was pretty much a sham where no one was really expected to be there, just a technicality. I do recall that probably in that timeframe was a year we had a family ski vacation for a week or so. To be out of school for that length required doing work up front, so I'd had my assignments from the time we'd be gone given to me well in advance, completed and turned them in. We went on vacation and there was a storm to the degree that of the planned many days we would miss, we only actually missed a day or two of class. It was a nice vacation, and when we got back it continued, because I ended up well ahead in classes so basically sat around and twiddled thumbs until the rest of the class caught up to what I'd already done.
  13. Ice ice baby

    yeah, I'll be sick of it soon enough, ends up that way every year. At this point in the season though I don't mind seeing it, and for the past many years it seems we barely see anything until late December. I wouldn't mind seeing a foot or so drop, then just melt off over a few days and call it good for the season...
  14. Ice ice baby

    We probably had a total of a couple inches from mid last week through the weekend. It's all melted off so far though. I did turn the garage heater up yesterday and do some organization, put skid shoes on snowblower and a new scraper bar, then adjusting it. Pretty much set for whenever we do get a good dumping. I dunno if my memory of it has just lapsed, but I kind of miss and would like to see a storm just dump a foot or so at a time.... Last time I can recall seeing that was probably 7 or 8 years now.
  15. All things related to Nintendo Systems

    I have it already. The type you are talking about will come too I'm sure. I mean they released a couple of those at least for Wii U, and I'm sure they'll have more of that style Mario coming to Switch eventually.