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  1. Cryptocurrency phone app

    For any of the currencies it will use GPU and/or CPU. Most people build rigs that use GPU because the types of calculations being done to "mine" a coin are done more efficiently by the GPU architecture than by a CPU. One could certainly do this with low power devices like phone CPU, console CPU's (I've seen people consider writing an app to run on an Xbox to mine currencies), etc. Someone may have already put this into an app, just imagine your favorite little time waster of a game is in the background contributing to the mining operations of everyone else playing the same little mobile time wasting game. I would suspect more folks would include something like this to mine for themselves and hijack the cycles of all their consumers CPU's than to just release an app where if you let your phone run for 30 years you might get a bit coin from it.
  2. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Sure, but like every collector edition since the Fallout lunch box really. Halo helmet, Fall Out New Vegas, God of War 3, Titanfall, Skyrim, Call of Duty games with crappy remote control cars/drones, Uncharted, etc the list could go on and on and on. The only semi limited release I can think of in recent memory was the ultra spendy and tough to get Loot crate edition of Borderlands 2
  3. All things related to Nintendo Systems

    I'm not sure if I want to put a fairly spendy device into cardboard and then use that to play with the thing. I haven't really looked into these kits, but as I understand it there's some games like fishing or such. Do I really want to put the device and controllers into a cardboard holder and then flop it around like a fishing rod, risking damage to the device, or other items in my house? Not really. This reminds me of my plans to create an iOS game that would put you on a leaderboard based on the distance your could throw your phone....
  4. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    I'll get the game. Not so sure about this set. A lot of stuff and a lot of money. I have a little Kratos statue from one of the previous games already. Collector editions today are just a big marketing thing anyway, always too mass produced to ever truly have value
  5. Blade Runner 2049

    A review from a friend of mine on this when it was in theaters involved it being a movie you had to think about. Reviews were pretty mixed, the comment I got on that was that you could tell your smart friends from the others depending on if they liked it.... Has not personally seen, nor do I have any strong desire to do so.
  6. Colorado's legal marijuana

    Seems a little too late to try to roll back legal channels while more and more states have legalized it. I have no desire to use the product, but just tax it and call it a day. At this point I can only imagine it going about as well as the Prohibition
  7. Per Capita Spending Per State

    Is farming expenses included. Typical bill for a farmers seed/chemical is pretty high, perhaps ND doesn't have the population required to offset the per capita spending of the biggest spenders. I mean you can't live in North Dakota without somewhere warm for 3+ months of the year, those unfortunate enough to not be able to afford housing or other necessities, whom would really lower per capita spendings really can't stick around the area.
  8. Didn't think of the bad press around clowns. My immediate thought was maybe backlash like tobacco companies have over Joe Camel, Marlboro Man, etc - using "kid friendly" characters to some how entice kids toward products that are terrible for you.
  9. All things related to the Xbox One

    They are sure late to the party reporting that. Pretty sure production of the adapter ended months ago. Not sure exactly who hadn't thought Kinect was dead. It was dead when the S came out and didn't have the Kinect port on it or any bundled Kinect option. Never gained enough traction, which isn't unsurprising. Nintendo sold lightning in a bottle with the Wii, getting a huge following even from non-gamers with a motion gaming fad. Microsoft (kinect) and Sony (move) tried to jump in on it and at this point all of those movement gaming things have mostly died out. None of the available options were able to get to a point of being incredibly accurate at tracking movement, cheap enough and easy enough to develop for to continue to capture audience. In my opinion, this may have to do with the lack of seeing an big VR push. I think VR has a high chance of being just as much of a fad as the motion gaming stuff. Unless someone can perfect it where everything is incredibly immersive, life like and sell it cheaply, it won't get a consumer market large enough to support it. Getting the immersive life like action out of mass market affordable hardware is a pretty big stretch at the moment i think though, so I have little faith in any VR products currently available making the long haul.
  10. I don't foresee any VR coming to Switch. It takes a powerful PC to do any type of decent VR, the switch at best would be some crap goggles to hold the screen making it like the crap phone VR stuff.
  11. No I don't think so. I'm also not sure of Sony doing quite well with theirs. Do you have sales numbers? People I've watched or heard that have played it seems like it's more gimmicky than anything
  12. Console wars in 2018? @C Pav pretty much hit it on the head. The consoles have all been out a while and things will keep going the way they've went. Buy the console that has the games you want to play. If you play online and have friends you play with, buy the console all your friends play on. I'll agree that some non-shooter exclusives for Xbox would be great - but games take years to develop so I don't see a big change coming in 2018 for that. Also, unless there's a big change in stance by the head of Xbox there will not be Xbox exclusives. Console exclusive I guess, but any first party (exclusive) title will also be on PC, so...
  13. iOS 11

    Facial recognition is fine and dandy, but removing finger print sensor entirely was a dumb move. I've used both technologies plenty on phone and PC as well. It's far more convenient in most cases to reach for or use the fingerprint sensor than to have to get my face in front of a camera. On the PC I have to move to be in front of the camera. On a phone I can be unlocking via finger print before it has left my pocket, or while it lays on a desk/table in front of me and not have to move myself or the phone to perform the unlock.
  14. All things related to Nintendo Systems

    The Wii-U did what it was supposed to do. It let you play the latest Nintendo games. Switch is the same way. It isn't powerful, it's more like they put their handheld and console hopes into one basket. Given then dominate handheld and the only console stuff they've had for a decade is their own, it's probably smart. I'm sure they knew how the consoles would do, they have to know Xbox/PS4 are far more powerful and that AAA games made for those won't even be able to run on the Switch, the same as they couldn't on the Wii/Wii U. Nintendo's model is to release a console, release a Mario/Zelda/Kart/Donky Kong/Kirby, let their franchise games sell their consoles, then repeat when they have something new to offer from console.
  15. Red Dead Redemption

    Fall 2017 .... has come and gone