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  1. Apple and Macs

    Um no - I can park where I want, use what I want and whatever. Get real and shut up - I don't find you funny
  2. All things World of Warcraft

    I looked at those wide screen asus monitors. The resolution on them is interesting though, and also the refresh rate is a little lower than if you just go with the 2K displays. A 27" display with that resolution is still pretty huge feeling.
  3. Apple and Macs

    I can own and bring whatever I want to work. There's never been any restriction on devices allowed.
  4. Apple and Macs

    You can still find Windows Phones, but MS hasn't made one in a couple years. Alcatel and HP have made the more recent ones. More business focused. Anyway, yes I have an S8+ and my Lumia 950 XL. Had the itch for new hardware when the S8 was launching.
  5. Anyone still use XM or Sirius?

    I dunno - I think services like Spotify offer a lot more. If you are just looking to save money, drop Spotify and turn on your FM radio.
  6. All things World of Warcraft

    How which guys do what? I don't think anyone else here spends much time on WoW
  7. Anyone still use XM or Sirius?

    No, I had it years ago when it came free with a car for a while. Kept it for a few years as they kept offering 50% off when I would go to cancel. That routine got old and I don't drive far enough often enough for satellite radio to matter much. Is their streaming offering at all comparable to Spotify? Their site currently tells me "Free listening is over, lock in 6 months for some discount price" Either way, I can't imagine they have the catalog size to match spotify or other services that give you both radio options, curated playlists and an ability to create your own library/playlists. I don't know first hand, but I would imagine they are closer to pandora than Spotify?
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, it's not powerful. It is not a console, it's more of a handheld and you can dock it. As with pretty much any Nintendo console in recent years - you buy it for the exclusive titles. They aren't going to get many big 3rd party games. It isn't powerful enough to run the same games available on other consoles. You buy this to play Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and other things like Pokemon or whatever nintendo exclusive titles float your boat. If you don't care about any of those, you don't buy a Switch.
  9. All things related to the PS4

    VR games might be fun to try, but have some goggles for phone and I don't think that's great either. I'd be more interested in something like the Vive or Oculus on a PC
  10. All things related to the PS4

    I've seen them in stores - but I've not seen or heard of any great game for them and for the price I can get a lot of other toys that are more desirable to me.
  11. Ryantor Comics

    What about work? Answer = prioritize
  12. Nintendo Switch

    When did I ever not mention my PS4? I got it as a gift, and I don't really ever secretly enjoy it - because it is almost never turned on. I did turn it on last weekend to update my password since I had to change it after the PSN hack, then applied an update, bought Uncharted 4, then shut it off again and haven't looked at it since.
  13. Costco cotton materials

    Kirkland brand? You usually can't go wrong with the Kirkland branded version of something at Costco if the price is decent. Their requirements of their "house brand" version is that it meets or beats top national brands.
  14. Border Wall

    Whether to keep people in or out could always change - and there's two sides to either wall. I still don't foresee a wall helping much and I think there are bigger concerns at this point in time. The country already can't pay bills it has, how can it afford a wall.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    Well consider where you live and the stereotypical view of anyone that lives there. I haven't been in a store that's had them in stock for more than a day since the thing launched.