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  1. All things related to the PS4

    Kinda dark and easy - have you looked at What remains of Edith Finch? I think this was a PS4 exclusive for a while, but hit Xbox earlier this month. I grabbed it and played it. It's mostly an interactive story about a cursed family. It was pretty interesting, but was also easily completed in one sitting for the $20 price tag. On sale I'd grab it again though.
  2. Lets discuss Barbecuers

    Will be interesting to see how the hardware is and how it works with the app. Primarily I like this one because it is WiFi so can monitor from any range and not needing to be basically at the grill anyway with the standalone wireless ones or the BlueTooth ones that work with apps that most companies have done.
  3. Lets discuss Barbecuers

    Guess I mentioned this a while back already, but my WiFi meat thermometer gets delivered today. Finally. https://www.lokiproducts.com Now I need to pick something up to try the thing out
  4. Call 911, Get Murdered

    escalation... people afraid to tell the police they have a CC and a weapon in the vehicle or on them, police afraid people don't/won't tell them - shit happens, people become more afraid, police become more afraid - repeat and worsen
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Have you played it?
  6. Ready Player One

    Yeah it's supposed to be. A guy handed me a digital copy that fell of a truck a while back. Not even sure where my Nook or any such copy is. I think that's probbaly why I quit I had just read a bit on a tablet device
  7. Premonitions

    Lol at the redacting in the news article.. Heard the park in that one field owned by Glen is a mess, and saw some pics of actual fields around there. Looks and sounds like insurance adjusters will be busy.
  8. Stranger Things

    Can't wait for the next season to drop.
  9. Ready Player One

    I started reading this a while back, but never finished. Maybe I should start over one day.
  10. Kids Today

    Lack of discipline. No fear of any type of authority.
  11. Pixar - Cars movie wtf?

    A lot of kid content is filled little jokes like this that would go over kids heads and meant for the adults watching. I hadn't noticed the first few things, but the tramp stamp isn't news to me.
  12. Coffee Drinkers unite!

    There is an actual coffee shop down in the cafeteria that is essentially a full blown starbucks mixed with some other offerings. The fancy coffees ain't free though, so I stick to the stuff in the break room. It's also closer to my desk.
  13. Coffee Drinkers unite!

    I put some creamer in it, but they also have a couple different types of beans. The hopper on each machine has 2 different beans in it. Generally here they have normal and a decaf of the same type in each of the 3 machines. Two of them here have Seattle's Best which is what I typically drink. I think the one that has Starbucks branded beans has their bean/roast called something like Pike 77
  14. Coffee Drinkers unite!

    I just drink the stuff these starbucks machines in the breakroom spit out. So, you've reminded me that my cup is empty and needs a refill. This is what the things look like that we have here (picture is just from internet, not actually the breakroom I am in, ours looks a lot nicer)
  15. Kids Today

    How could one do this? http://www.inforum.com/news/4300878-teens-watched-laughed-and-filmed-florida-man-drowned-pond