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  1. NES Videogame Posters

    Yeah instant flashbacks there.
  2. All things related to the Xbox One

    Getting the hang of Necromancer (Diablo III) on XB1. On my first Hardcore attempt, I was glitched trying the achievement "Game of Bones" and lost my first Necro at 19. I might have already mentioned this. They may have fixed it (I'll try later, because there's now a slightly higher unlock rate for the achievement). Still gotta get Transformers: Devastation done. Still just past Mixmaster and Longhaul I think.
  3. Hearthstone

    New expansion is coming!
  4. Heroes of the Storm

    hey, guy who switches his name too much here... new heroes out are malthael and captain alexi stukov (captain alex lul) I'll probably wait til September or something to play HotS again. Just sayin I would rehost but here's a hotlink anyway
  5. Carpal Tunnel

    My stepdad is an anesthesiologist. He deals with carpals sometimes, I believe. My problems all arise from my posture. Also, if I were you, I would get a gelpad for your wrist(s). It's good I'm doing some more healthcare studying, just got done with some Biology, moving on to Biology II this Fall probably. Never too late to learn. Most physical trauma can be healed by deep tissue massage, actually, although you probably spend more time typing than I do. I mostly just mess with twitch chat and do 'personal journey' stuff on the PC. Also, are you fapping too much?
  6. Fidget Spinners

    No job. No friends. No life. Fidget spinner. I think I can handle this.
  7. All things related to the Xbox One

    Just bought Xb1 Diablo 3 Expansion. Pretty psyched for that too.
  8. Fidget Spinners

    Unfortunately I couldn't stay. My mom has to leave and I'm watching her house for her.
  9. Fidget Spinners

    I just visited my dad for 2 days in MT and his kids all have them. Ages 5-15. I honestly couldn't stop using them. I ordered a couple. Go ahead. Do it.
  10. Transformers Devastation

    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. The RPG elements are quite good and the arcade action is actually quite deep as far as fighting goes. Sideswipe is my favorite so far. I beat some Constructicons and I'm continuing my journey later on. The explosions and effects are quite amazing and thrilling. Thanks for the recommendation @nodle
  11. I have been playing a lot of Dark Souls 3 solo. Pretty rough shit. Right now I'm playing Transformers: Devastation as per @nodle's recommendation. Will post more if I can find the other thread, Also I have a new email for Fluxoid, perhaps you can merge my account. If you feel like it. !ping @nodle <3 monkaS
  12. Dark Crystal 2

    tehre's no jim hens