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  1. Stocks

  2. Rocket Man; I think it's gonna be a wong wong time...
  3. The world ends 9/23/17

    Good thing it's on a Saturday!
  4. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Limp Bisket got some flak I recall.
  5. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Joplin and Hendrix had talent. Perry not so much? I read that Joe Cocker was at woodstock '69 and woodstock '94.
  6. Unemployment Insurance

    Has anyone been on unemployment recently? Does ya have any tips?
  7. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Who can remember the bands? 99 things got ugly.
  8. Earthquakes

    Sons of bucks are out to get us.
  9. Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    Someone is going to be shopping for an athletic cup on amazon next. Will it be on sale?
  10. Earthquakes

    DutchSinse has a 80% prediction accuracy ratio.
  11. End of the world or end of things as we know them?
  12. Earthquakes

    Me aunt lives in Santa Rosa. Has bars on all her windows.
  13. Earthquakes

    I still think a big devil is going to hit Cali some day.
  14. Earthquakes

    Prelude to the big one.