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  1. Kaspersky AV or Russian backdoor?

    Who to trust? NSA or Kaspersky? I vote Kaspersky. Interesting how US based AV can't detect NSA malware.
  2. Project Natick - Microsoft

    Project Montauk/Natick
  3. Airwolf

    Theme song is excellent.
  4. Talking heads are good stuff. Burning down the house is another song of theirs to check out.
  5. Check out guitar George; he knows all the cords. He can play the honky tonk like anything. With the Sultans...........
  6. Memorable gaming nostalgia

    Medal of Honor Lan parties. Neighbour and his son's still play that on a regular basis.
  7. Firefox 57.0

    Their market share has sure plummeted in the last few years.
  8. Synology 918+ NAS

    I'll have you call your ISP and upgrade your upload to 10 megabits per second. I upped mine now up yours?
  9. Is the U.S. helping ISIS?

    Why are we still paying taxes? Can anyone tell me?
  10. Stranger Things

    They could have taken goonies back in the day and did something like stranger things with it.
  11. Synology 918+ NAS

    NSA will prod through your goodies in the cloud scenario.
  12. Synology 918+ NAS

    That is quite nice. Two disk lost is right up there with RAID 6.
  13. Synology 918+ NAS

    What drives are you using? WD Golds? Pretty cool product. A little on the spendy side but, performance seems to be on par with a servers. Did you go RAID 6? Can you bond the two network interfaces together for a 2 gigabit per second connection?