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  1. Call 911, Get Murdered

    The problem is that the good ones rarely turn in or report the bad ones because they want to keep their jobs. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
  2. Call 911, Get Murdered

    Those with power are held to a higher standard. Official misconduct under the color of law is a serious offense. Qualified immunity is lost.
  3. Call 911, Get Murdered

    "Answer is yes TA. When either a license plate or driver's license inquiry is run through NCIC (National Crime Information Center, a nationwide network with a series of databases maintained by the FBI), the permit is tagged to the person in the same way that an arrest warrant alert is. If another state runs it, same thing. Only way it won't show up is if your state doesn't participate in the CWP database, but most do."
  4. Call 911, Get Murdered

    It does in eastern states. I don't know why ND would be any different.
  5. Call 911, Get Murdered

    I forgot to mention that when you are pulled over, they run your plate and CC is listed in the details they have access to.
  6. Apple and Macs

  7. Browse faster and safer with Brave.

    Palemoon has some versions for non sse2 processors.
  8. Browse faster and safer with Brave.

    Interesting choice of naming. Almost gives you a feeling that you have to be brave to use it.
  9. Browse faster and safer with Brave.

    Have you used it and if so, did ya like it?
  10. A terminator from the future took them out.
  11. Probably ended up in one of the "rings."