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  1. iOS 11

    I talked to a couple of people who put it on their iphone 7's and they haven't noticed a battery life difference. I still haven't put it on my 6 yet.
  2. China is squeezing them now too. China has instructed their banks not to do business with N. Korea. That news just came out today.
  3. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Yeah they were the only band that came to mind before I looked up the rest. He's all about the nookie (and riots).
  4. Woodstock 94 - 99

    I cheated and looked up the lineup for 99. I can see why the crowds got worked up lol. Collective Soul was there!
  5. iOS 11

    I just read an article stating that it eats battery so far. I haven't installed it myself yet.
  6. I can hear C Pav cringe

    Scratch and dent section?
  7. Bitcoins

    Crashing hard lately. I heard China is cracking down on Bitcoin investing over there.
  8. Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    WTF it has a cell phone attached to it?
  9. Apple and Macs

    No I don't have a plus now. I meant I use mine a lot the way it is so having the bigger screen would be nice.
  10. Apple and Macs

    I use mine a lot, much like an ipad. So it makes since for me to go in that direction.
  11. Apple and Macs

    Yeah. I've talked to several people and none of them would go back to smaller from the plus.
  12. Apple and Macs

    I'll probably go 8 Plus. Good enough for me.
  13. Apple and Macs

    I saw a little feature this morning about this on CNBC. People in China like this. They aren't able to have big mansions like people over here so one of the only ways to show off their wealth is to have the most expensive gadgets. A $500 phone is garbage to them, they want the $1,000 model. The phones are a status symbol.
  14. Anyone still use XM or Sirius?

    We have it in the vehicle temporarily. It's ok and was nice for long drives. But I think you'd miss Spotify in short order.
  15. All things World of Warcraft

    @nodle is the only person I know whose video game playing time increases after having a new child lol.