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  1. Stocks

    Walmart is up almost 11 percent today. Great quarter, they are back.
  2. Stocks

    lol oh he's back now all of a sudden.
  3. Cold

    At least back to 50 degrees early next week. For here anyways.
  4. Just read an article today about some of our local churches. Some have designated church members that are allowed to conceal carry. They must get approved by the church and also law enforcement needs to be notified. A good idea.
  5. Interesting that most states(all?) have laws prohibiting concealed carry in churches unless lifted by the particular church. I wonder if that law will get changed? Talk about a vulnerable venue.
  6. Stranger Things

    Ah, I just saw the headline. Of course I have no idea who that is since I haven't seen the show.
  7. Oil bust inevitable

  8. Oil bust inevitable

    Is it 57 today?
  9. Oil bust inevitable

    Oil heading to $70? Sounds like the Saudis are cleaning house.
  10. Ice ice baby

    I remember those years. We had a lot of school storm days. I believe they even had school on a couple Saturdays to make up days. I skipped those. @ndboarder do you remember that?
  11. Stranger Things

  12. It's just too bad they didn't come along sooner but they probably saved more lives the way it was.
  13. Ice ice baby

    I'm still sick of it from last December-January. That was brutal here. Fortunately we didn't have much after January but we were setting records up to that point.
  14. Ice ice baby

    Not much over this way. Almost all melted.
  15. Discharged from the military for beating his wife supposedly.