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  1. Call 911, Get Murdered

    When I took the class to acquire the permit, the instructor said if pulled over, the best idea is to hand your concealed permit card to the officer along with your license and vehicle registration.
  2. Call 911, Get Murdered

    Perhaps location is something to take in consideration. Know your community and the officers if possible. Or at least what you can and can't get by with. Small town USA can be very different than big city. Longmire has a gentler touch than the Minneapolis officer in question
  3. Call 911, Get Murdered

    I think that is a couple years old though. I'll try to find the latest here in a bit.
  4. Call 911, Get Murdered

    Speaking of which, I need to renew mine next year. Time flies.
  5. Call 911, Get Murdered

    Maybe look it up just to make sure I'm right but I'm pretty certain about it. It caught my attention.
  6. Call 911, Get Murdered

    I read that if you have the permit, you are not required to mention it to the officer.
  7. iOS 10

    Well mine was updated lol.
  8. Call 911, Get Murdered

    Not if you have a permit however.
  9. Century Link

    That company is a joke. Terrible.
  10. Premonitions

    Some some pics of Glenpasture. Not good.
  11. Premonitions

    How was the hail in GC? I think ma was there.
  12. Netflix just released a new series that I'm interested to check out. Ozark is the name. "A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder $500 million in five years to appease a drug boss."
  13. No it's still going. They have a spin off that is a companion to it. Haven't seen that one. (Fear The Walking Dead)
  14. It's amazing the longevity of the show. People really get into it. I'm really curious how they are going to end it someday.