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  1. iOS 11

    I thought I would really miss the button too. Took me about a day to get over it. I don't miss it at all now. The battery life is great, as it should be for a new phone, and it is smoking fast. Compared to my former iphone 6 anyways. Old tech I know. It's a great phone though, I can't think of anything negative to say about it. I'm sure the 8 and 8 plus are good as well. I almost went with the 8 plus but after seeing them both in person, I decided on the X.
  2. Ice ice baby

    That's unfortunate for you since you wanted to go sledding so bad.
  3. Bitcoins

    @nodle just hasn't thought of the right bargaining chip yet.
  4. Sounds like people can get blackballed from Silicon Valley pretty easily.
  5. Bitcoins

    Post of the year! (10 days in)
  6. Madhouse after holidays

    Another good one is when the supervisor has been gone on vacation for a week and comes back full of piss and vinegar, ready to take on the world's to do list..... but you've been in the office everyday.
  7. Windows 10 + print drivers = grrr

    The wrath commeth.
  8. iOS 11

    It took about 10 minutes for me I guess. Wasn't too painful.
  9. I feel good if I get 7 hours. 6 hours I can do but then I start to notice it more. Not so much the way I feel but the darkness under the eyes and such.
  10. Stocks

    Fair point. As we know, the President is no fan of Amazon.
  11. Stocks

    Heard that last week but then I heard some analysts saying it won't happen. Remains to be seen.
  12. Arnold claims to only sleep for 6 hours. But he had a little boost shall we say during his heyday. Still though, it worked for him. Everyone is different. Some of the big CEO's get about 4-6 hours. I think Musk is one of those guys.
  13. As Arnold says, you just need to sleep faster.
  14. G.I. Joe toys from growing up

    Yes Snake Eyes was awesome! Cool info about that by the way.
  15. Being sick and McDonalds

    Is this why @Davidcwas so healthy back in the college days?