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  1. Man those 64 controllers were something, weren't they?
  2. jmanz

    Jeep vehicles

    I saw Elon Musk said yesterday that he believes the chip shortage will be resolved by next year.
  3. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Oil-Prices/Goldman-Sachs-Heres-How-Oil-Prices-Could-Reach-90-This-Winter.html
  4. Fed kicked the can down the road again. Pump on.
  5. jmanz

    Jeep vehicles

    Yup that's what I meant by voodoo. Keep the same payment, just make more of them......
  6. Fed meeting later today, let's see if it holds.
  7. jmanz

    Jeep vehicles

    Well that's kind of interesting because although trade-ins are fetching higher prices, they increased new vehicle prices as well. Just looking at new F150 prices for example, they really went up from last year. So I would be pretty shocked that a person would be able to trade basically even up on a new one. Maybe they performed a little voodoo with the loan payments?
  8. jmanz

    Jeep vehicles

    Seriously? There is a huge supply shortage with all vehicles right now. Can't get chips for new vehicles, can't get parts. Used vehicles are in high demand, good luck finding one and prices are high. Where have you been?
  9. That's the one you gave us for the switch isn't it? My boy plays it now and then. Kind of neat.
  10. No surprises yet. It's what happens this month more times than not.
  11. Taco Bell comes to mind for a Pepsi exclusive place.
  12. Well if you want to trade it, you could sell at the end of August and then buy around the first week in October. Or you could just do nothing and ride it out which is what I do.
  13. Nothing earth shattering no. I'm looking forward to blood pressure monitoring on the watches in the future. Sounds like that is a year or two away. They will continue to get more involved in the health space.
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