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  1. All things related to the PS4

    Yeah like I said I already played and beat it 100% on the 360 but since I have the One version I wanted something more relaxing to play so started it.
  2. All things related to the PS4

    I probably should give it another chance. I started Brothers a tale of two sons for the XBox One(played it already on the 360 and beat it 100%) last night and enjoy the simple controls.
  3. All things related to the PS4

    I got it a while back on sale for the XBox and it's okay but I find the types of puzzles make me NOT want to play the game. I don't know man I guess just getting old and like to just shoot stuff and button mash.
  4. Paige WWE porn video

    Wait, people in real life have sex...? And sometimes they tape it? AND since it's taped it's a porn and nasty things happen? I am SHOCKED!
  5. Pixar - Cars movie wtf?

    Well it's only "dirty" if you think it's dirty. In high school I had a friend pretty much turn anything you said into some dirty innuendo.
  6. All things World of Warcraft

    Excuse is I don't do what I want. Lunch consists of, shocking I know, eating then playing with son then back to work. You know normal real life dad stuff.
  7. Lets discuss Barbecuers

    You know that we know the name brand of it you could just call it your grill. Should I start posting mine with "my POS old crappy flamemaster 200"?
  8. All things World of Warcraft

    HMMM, by my count it's Monday, should be working, your old, a dad, going to be a dad X2...Time to come back to reality.
  9. All things World of Warcraft

    He said that?
  10. All things World of Warcraft

    You know what Leroy Jenkins says?
  11. Amazon Prime Day

    Abundance of:
  12. Amazon Prime Day

    Who cares about looks? Taking it to a custom built computer convention and show to win a trophy or something?
  13. The Ranch we all love and deserve

    Going to have to disagree. I don't mean so thick it's like paste but too runny and all it does is run off of what you are dipping it in. I guess there is a fine line between too runny and too thick. Oh but doesn't matter fatty since ranch, pizza and bread makes you a fatty fat face.
  14. The Ranch we all love and deserve

    You lost me at runny. Sorry bro the thicker the better...am I rite? Seriously though I know what you mean. Some small town places make in house homemade ranch that is the best. I think part of the secret, at least in one of my favorites, is they use some sour cream in theirs.