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  1. iOS 11

    Testing some more right now and truthfully, things seem snappier all around for the apps I use. Myfitnesspal, to log calories since a fatty, used to be terrible but now it's so much better. Same for others. I also like some of the additions to the OS. Biggest thing is when I go to storage it lets me bring up a list of what items are taking up what and where they are. Take videos and pictures in messages. I try my best to clean them up myself but keep so many and would be a pain to go through old message threads to find what and where they were. Now it does that for me and tells me. So nice. Also the offload unused apps may be nice to use for removing the app but keeping the data. Before it was all or nothing.
  2. iOS 11

    After installation yesterday things seemed faster (6 plus) and battery seemed better or same. Today some things seem like already slowing down and battery is at 62% but that's normal for a 30 month old phone and the use of it.
  3. Unemployment Insurance

    See this I agree with. Thing is I know you say just do it then and change but it's not that easy but I would love to not deal with technology and do something more physical at times like you.
  4. Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    Your reply and my touche` mad me rethink my comments and realize you are right...but why do you always make me feel bad when I buy something?
  5. Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    Touche` can't take money with us when we die! Editing in same goes for belongings but between having money or things I spend money on I'll take things to enjoy over having loads of money saved up.
  6. Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    $1200? Serious? Tell me you really feel you will get that much worth from it? And you rip on me for spending a dime on my hobbies? How about for $50 you come on over on a full moon night, look up at the moon then I kick you in the nuts so you can lie on the ground and stare at it for a while?
  7. iOS 11

    Well time to slow down and destroy my old phone then!
  8. All things World of Warcraft

    Wow indeed! BUT how about on my 65" OLED!!!!!!!!
  9. I can hear C Pav cringe

  10. Apple and Macs

    Galaxy S8 I believe
  11. Waste of our tax money

    Wait, you have or don't have the degree you say you do? "I think I was the only one in the class with a biology or hydrologist degree." Oh and yeah governments gonna government...
  12. Apple and Macs

    Get bigger hands then. Once you go plus you don't go back. Such a nice screen compared to the smaller ones. I will admit though yeah it's not a one hander... Like if you need to try and use your thumb to reach the other side it's not happening.
  13. Apple and Macs

    Windows phone? Didn't they go the way of the Zune? As in dead!
  14. Apple and Macs

    Same, I like my 6 plus.
  15. Apple and Macs

    I don't know, maybe a good old Motorola Razr... Sure I want the X but I don't know. So expensive and basically a "test" phone so next year it can be improved upon. Could stay safe and go with 8 plus but that's old tech. Was almost thinking switching to an Android but I have too much into the Apple system with my settings, apps and know how to use.