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  1. What are your most memorable past gaming moments? I have so many and will post them as I recall them. One very soothing and calming memory is playing SimCity on the SNES. First my brother and I rented it and was so calming to play. From the music to the "easy" game play it just sticks with me. I remember when our grandma got it for us and we walked over in the winter to get it from her. Such a favorite game. The easier time in life adds to the enjoyment and nostalgic memory of the game. Along with that was renting Final Fantasy II for the SNES. I believe we rented them both at the same time so only got so much time into both initially. Of all the memories of past gaming, the SNES holds the most memorable moments to me.
  2. Facebook hacking brains

    Seems to be the same as things always was but now just with technology and without actual in person human interaction. As kids didn't we want to be liked and have friends? Come Valentines day you hoped to get a card from as many other classmates as possible? As @ndboarder said, we just want acceptance. What has changed is how we go and get it.
  3. Ice ice baby

    "That State"? Da f man?
  4. Post your recent purchases

    It's for his NAS...you know because he is a big company and really needs one.
  5. Not only has Amazon in general started to suck but now even the payed for Prime is starting to suck as well. Way back even without prime items ordered were at least packaged and shipped fairly quick but with slower shipping. Prime members of course got the 2 day and was pretty reliable. Then it got to non prime members would have to wait 3 to 5 days to a even week before items would even ship then add the slow shipping on top of that. So I finally got Prime. Well some items got shipped pretty good but a latest order says should be here tomorrow yet has not even shipped yet. I also have a pre order of the Scorpio XBox X but that has not given a delivery date yet and I assume will be cancelled due to them over selling since it's limited. Might just cancel the remaining Prime since it's pretty craptastic.
  6. Looking for new router

    I know man I'm sorry. You are just so busy being dad and working it's so different. I'll do better I promise. Yeah I guess basically an expensive range extender system but so many say true mesh like this is better. What I really wanted was 2 Ubiquiti Pro APs but didn't want to run wires and all that.
  7. Looking for new router

    That Synology looks and sounds awesome. I haven't mentioned to anyone but boarder when I got it a while back but I went with a Eero 2nd gen: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0713ZCT4N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Easy to setup and works great. I get wireless speeds that nearly match my wired connection speeds when testing from my iphone from pretty much anywhere in my house. I know it's spendy and could have gone cheaper with an extender but I hear so many saying to never go with an extender.
  8. Nintendo's miniature NES

    Only one way to find out.
  9. Nintendo's miniature NES

    If you would come and visit me I would let you look at it...
  10. Cuphead

    No it's to hard and not much time to play.
  11. Vegas Shootings

    Seems like as usual the news and new updates slowly stops coming in on this and eventually won't be talked about until the anniversary of the day it happened.
  12. Vegas Shootings

    My questions are always the "strange" ones. First I won't waste my time thinking of conspiracies. What has happened happened and a crazy person had enough of life and said "F IT". Hated life and didn't care anymore. Sad but that's it. My questions are what did he drive to bring all this luggage? Where is the video of him carrying all these into the hotel? What did he view his setup cameras on to watch outside his room? What was his purpose of filming himself? Did he intend to escape and watch it later? What was his full plan? Why did he stop shooting and wait for so long and then kill himself? How did nobody close to him have any idea?
  13. Vegas Shootings

    And you really need one for what? I am not trying to be "one of those" but I really need to know why you really need one? Why anyone needs them or any other such mods? Is it just like modding a car to see how fast it can go?
  14. Oil bust inevitable

    Well yeah who thought it would last forever? Would have been safer to stay in Texas where it's more steady as far as oil goes. Plus why leave there and come up to the terrible winters we have?
  15. Nintendo's miniature NES

    SO I got 2 NES CLassics and will have 2 SNES. More excited about the SNES due to the games being better. Now to find time to play. Pretty sure the SNES will be easier to find eventually as Nintendo said they would produce them into next year as well as make more NES Classics. Of course we will wait and see since I can see them hardly sending out more units quickly. They did have a very large number for launch compared to the NES but they need to be getting double that on shelves in 2 weeks not 2 months. Also no hyping up the "good old Retro Pi". Look I get it and how "awesome" it is but to have a nice collectors piece and legally own the games the NES and SNES Classics have is why I like having them in my collection. Also the "ease" of putting one together? Sure for a very tech savvy person but let's see your mom or dad try.