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  1. Wells Fargo bank fraud

    NIce! Why do I even still bank with them? Glitch huh? Yeah I'm sure... I've seen Office Space to know what really is happening.
  2. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Yep, there is the list and number 1 is the Saint's Row in question: http://twinfinite.net/2017/05/most-expensive-collectors-editions-of-all-time/ THis is the retail price of them so not really what is the most valuable now as there are some that ere cheaper initially but due to being more rare they are worth more. I think the original Dead Space collectors edition wasn't too expensive but only 1000 made so it's worth quite a bit.
  3. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    I love collectors editions but they are getting too spendy. If it were 80 maybe I would but not 150. Sure I got Ni NU 2 and that was insane but I like RPG collectors that tend to be harder to find later over these that seem to be easy. Been burned too many times...Halo 3 anyone?? I sure loved the series but after 2 and then the PSP version I had when I got the special God of War PSP I just lost interest due to changes in life, lack of time and other games I played.
  4. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    No thanks.
  5. Pass
  6. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

    I don't know yet but we will find out.
  7. Bitcoins

    Good because bitcoins are trash, the people who love the trash is trash, the trash that makes video cards insanely expensive and near impossible to get are trash. TRASH! Can I add I hate the times of social media, technology ruining everything and millennial trash? Want me to go on?
  8. People selling items online

    How appropriate to see this after the past few weeks of the exact same thing on local facebook classified. First was one I thought nothing of from one of our daycare providers. It was a 1 year old 55" Samsung LED tv asking $450. Wife asked if it was worth it since we are looking to replace our living room old 42" Samsung Plasma. I asked her to find the model number. It's a 6090 something. I looked it up and found it nothing special especially when you can get brand new better models between 400 to 700. Who knows how many hours it's been used plus the out of warranty or near out of warranty and all that. That leads to the next item which I will continue on about the first. Video games. Everyone thinks their game, no matter what it is, is worth gold because either they see old rare games go for big money or they see false and fake or other overly high prices on NOT SOLD ebay auctions or asking prices on amazon. The item was an old used Wii with 3 games that didn't even have the original cases. They had those generic rock 30 used cases. They were asking $400. The only replies were how that price was ridiculous which of course led to the people on the sellers side defending the price. Well the seller of the tv chimed in on how rude people were as she was messaged about how overly priced she was asking for her tv. Well I now see the seller asking $200 for the wii. guess what? It's worth 50 at best. Also saw some guy asking some crazy price for some old Panasonic tv that was over 2 years old. Told the story how his dad bought it new for $2000 and recently passed away and the price was more than fair. Can't recall what he was asking but not what it was worth and of course he goes into the whole how it's worth it, how much it was new and all that. Guess what, technology does not hold it's value. A tv that was $2000 2 to 3 years ago you can get similar now NEW for 500 to 1000 and be better and larger.
  9. Bitcoins

    It's how life works though. I have been alive long enough and had enough economics classes, as well as history classes, to know that the only thing for certain is fluctuations. It's how it is, always has been and always will be.
  10. Yeah I agree. Anti anything especially old ways of things. No authority, no cares and basically do whatever one wants. If you have values and say anything against that you are treated like trash and like you are wrong. One forum I go to for parenting thinks every kid with any little issue needs therapy and any parent that shows a little anger and uses discipline should get therapy and anger management. Really?
  11. Bitcoins

    But without yours and my investment, since we have a good portion money from being cheap, it isn't taking off.
  12. Windows 10 + print drivers = grrr

    LOL, it was dog piss, paper worms and don't think that last part ever happened. Our boss was the one handling that! Toner spills? Go on. Oh and we just need to make a tv series about it where we play ourselves. Sure there was IT crowd but I think ours would do just as well if not better.
  13. Windows 10 + print drivers = grrr

    Hey @nodle, remember the many great times I had at past job with printers? The nice service call old boss took for replacing a major gear assembly onsite in a nearby small town which I had to do before another service call in a further town. I got it done, some how, don't know how but I got it done. I have many stories...
  14. Windows 10 + print drivers = grrr

    Windows 10 and printers is a 2 way street. For fairly simple and new printers they are pretty much plug in and they auto install and work. BUT here at work our large Xerox Workcentre 570 is a freaking pain when I have to reinstall it. Windows 7 was pretty simple. 10 not so much. I dread the next time I will have to do it as last time I fought with it so much. WHat happenes every so often, since it's a 2 way communication device, is every so often it loses connectivity to everyone in the office. I know when I get bombarded with users not being able to print. The device looks fine except you can't print to it. I then go to the user account and password spot in the printer properties and it's empty and right then I know it happened. Basically it's setup with different department codes so they know how to separate billing usage per department. Windows 7 was a simple uninstall then reinstall whcih took a minute. 10 I fight with it where I can't just easily add it. I remove it then see the port is still there. Try and delete the port and says can't since in use or some other garbage. Eventually get it removed and try adding the device again. Looks installed correctly but then I go input the above mentioned info and then apply. I go back in and the settings don't take (Same reason why I have to reinstall the device new every time, the settings don't stick as communication is hosed for some reason.) so I have to first add the device some way windows 10 likes it then I add it correctly my usual method. What a pain. Basically it's not only an issue with windows 10 but also our device and the age of it.
  15. iOS 11

    Sure I have a spare hour or 2 to install a near 50 MB update. Come on apple, how come your updates take so long to intall even on the newest and latest devices?