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  1. I just came across an article via flipboard and thought I'd pass the link. Brave Web-Browser
  2. Is anyone currently using this service? if so, thoughts?
  3. I don't use it much or at all. I just know we have one setup being used for video conferencing and other meetings
  4. We have one in our conference room behind the mounted TV
  5. I have an idea that everyone on this forum who is active is familiar with technology. This may be the reason why I come back because I like knowing I have a place to visit. I work in IT, but went to school for Computer Networking & Security. Some certs I would like to get would be A+ and Security+, but struggle to just sit down and study. Been in the field for going on 3 years with current company (well, 2 in a half), but I have school background along with doing tech support for another company, however they only focused on the software they built.
  6. customer is x amount of hours away from where I am, however one of our escalations guy contacted me and we spent some time reviewing. Turns out a rule was in place to deny updates so we ended up adding a rule to allow via IP on two networks via layer 3 policy which allowed it to kick in. I did more updates today. What a pain I had a feeling it was network related I am just not familiar with the meraki portal as much as I would like to be or with the site in general
  7. looks like I am back to square one for other surface PRO's after repeating the same steps
  8. Newegg is clearing up its website after a month-long data breach. Hackers injected 15 lines of card skimming code on the online retailer’s payments page which remained for more than a month between August 14 and September 18, Yonathan Klijnsma, a threat researcher at RiskIQ, told TechCrunch. The code siphoned off credit card data from unsuspecting customers to a server controlled by the hackers with a similar domain name — likely to avoid detection. The server even used an HTTPS certificate to blend in. https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/19/newegg-credit-card-data-breach/
  9. Junglist0682

    Lawn mowing

    Water Sprinkler
  10. Junglist0682

    Lawn mowing

    Gotta keep the lawn looking good! :cool:
  11. LOL - I went to an AC place because I was tired of my AC not throwing out enough air and the first thing he checked was the cabin filters He said switch these out and if you have issues I can go back - he also asked if I have ever replaced them and I was like NOPE! I've never even knew where they were located. EEEK!
  12. I listen to a bit of everything, but just recently I uploaded this via youtube - I am looking to get another C920 for another angle along with a longer mix.
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