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Status Updates posted by nodle

  1. Sprucing things up here and there.

  2. It's Happening!

  3. You still alive Sir?

  4. Happy Birthday Sir!

  5. Build time take 3.

  6. Build time part 2 tonight!

  7. I'm almost back baby!

  8. Bring me some new pants.

  9. Glad to see you back.:)

  10. It will all be Ogre soon.

  11. Pizza ordered and on it's way!

  12. Whatcha ya gonna do brother, when the 24" pythons and Hulkamania run wild on you!?

  13. You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.

  14. Happy Birthday!

    1. WayneKerr


      Thanks. I didn't notice I had to renew my license until I was carded last weekend, so that is what I did this morning.

  15. Glad to see you back Sir. I thought I could smell the musk in here.

    1. O-Tron


      My musk is pungent, but not as strong as yours.

  16. I heard you like to play Destiny.

  17. You had a good run, but now learn from the master.

  18. Needs more hot sauce packets Brah!

  19. Steiner Recliner!

    1. C Pav

      C Pav

      Most devastating move in the world!

    2. nodle


      Even more than Rikishi's Stinkface?

    3. C Pav

      C Pav

      Dude, Big Poppa Pump once reclined 3 guys at once!

  20. Enjoy your new title!

    1. BR3W3R


      Capitalize the J? But I love it!

  21. I saw some moths fly away today and I thought of your wallet.