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  1. "Tide Pod Challenge"

  2. "Tide Pod Challenge"

  3. Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    Scope is pretty sweet, I could finish it but I think my dad wants to help me. Also got my check rest. Really like it. You have got to take your time putting it on though to make sure it's stretched and lined up perfectly.
  4. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    I bet @C Pav would now what the most valuable collectors edition out there is for video games. Wait wasn't it that Saint's Row thing @C Pav?
  5. Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    You know that's the way I feel about mine. I mean cant beat it, shes a fun gun. My new scope comes today for mine.
  6. Cryptocurrency phone app

    So this got me thinking this morning. So the creation of a Bitcoin uses the power of your GPU if I am not mistaken, maybe CPU? The more powerful the GPU or CPU the more numbers it can crunch (which I am still confused on what the calculations are being used for). So why not a phone app that can run in the background using your GPU, or CPU and slowly create one? I guess one reason would be battery life, It would really suck it down. But still I am not surprised someone has not either hidden it in an app, or made one for Bitcoin mining. I bet if you created an app right now and made sold it for $.99 you would make a killing right now.
  7. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Like the Halo helmet? I bet you can still find that thing on store's shelves.
  8. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Really? I bet @ndboarder will this use to be his favorite series.
  9. It's Nintendo, it will be the next hottest thing...
  10. Wells Fargo bank fraud

    Wells Fargo bill payment glitch emptying some accounts
  11. Earthquakes

    Earthquake: 4.1 quake strikes north of Santa Rosa, Calif.
  12. Gun Cleaning Tools and Materials

    I came home from today and my Dad had been over in my garage all day, built all new shelves across my gun cleaning area, about 7 of them about 6 foot long, plus corner shelve including shelf for computer monitor etc. Pretty sweet work area now.