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  1. iOS 11

  2. iOS 11

    Makes your older iPhone instantly lackluster too. I'm going to hold off on anything iOS 11 as long as I can.
  3. Apple and Macs

    I'm still hanging onto my iPhone 6, which works good. In fact, I wish I could downgrade to iOS 9 features plus current security updates. The new 11 will have so many built in things that the earlier versions can't handle. And I still want my regular headphone jack.
  4. Apple and Macs

    This also means that they are segregating iphone users even more, like when the 5C came out, then the + models. Now we will tell elite users by their fancy iPhone 8 compared to the peasant 7S model (or whatever they will call it). It also means my future company phone upgrade will have to be the lesser model.
  5. Earthquakes

    There was a big 8.1 earthquake near southern Mexico off the coast. The earth lately is angry my friends.
  6. Ryantor Comics

  7. Bitcoins

    So what is everyone's thoughts on a good time to wait to invest in Bitcoin or not? It's over $4,400, would you wait for another dip to happen (maybe down to $2-3K) or do you think it will crash? I know it's a little late to the rags to riches game, but am becoming interested.
  8. Ryantor Comics

    I posted this on this forum somewhere years ago, but will put it here.
  9. Subaru

    Yes, degreasing will make it last on much longer. I've been meaning to order that to have on hand for a while now, will do it in my next order, not sure if I can find locally.
  10. Door Kicked In

  11. Subaru

    Here is what I'm talking about, high heat gasket maker, designed exaclty for that purpose. https://www.amazon.com/Permatex-81160-High-Temp-Silicone-Gasket/dp/B0002UEN1A
  12. Subaru

    Head gaskets are one of the worst things, because it costs a dime, but the labor is the killer (among other things). I read that you can use a RV/marine grade silicon high heat caulking and go around the area on the outside when it's cool and let it cure, should stop the leaking.
  13. Door Kicked In

    12G blast to the chest does a body good.
  14. Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs

    Why don't they just use a double sided grill device (Forman Grill like) to put the burgers in, cook for a preset time instead of a machine that has to worry about flipping and temp control.
  15. Anything "one world" this or that is a bad thing for everyone and anything. Why do you think people cry afoul when the phrase one world order is said? We are all at the mercy of one thing, one system, ideologies, freedom. etc... One world currency doesn't just mean a nice convenient stable currency, it means more means to be manipulated and controlled, no competition, nothing to keep it in-check. Unless you are a control freak or someone who believe's in this (which surprisingly many believe in). Cryptocurrecies are so unbelievably terrible and will ruin not only our money system, but with the surging increase of complicated hacking going on, it's only a matter of time they will screw us over and politicians and bankers lying to cover things up and screwing others over. They will also be able to control our money habits against our will. I have to laugh when people feel secure about things like online password keepers and think they are "safe". Hackers have the ability to get into anything, as long as it's electronic and has outside access. Do you really think cryptocurrency will not be able to be hacked into or manipulated? Also, there is no such thing as "finite" cryptocurrency, it's more able to be made out of thin air than printing money. Easy come - easy made, easy go. Long gone are the days of peppercorns and precious metals being the main source, but at least they were a physical material to source and handle. Printed money sounded good being backed by metals, but those days are long gone too.