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  1. Bitcoins

    On the topic of mining, here's an interesting graphic showing the current best for your money mining graphics processors. Mining takes a lot of money and performance, nothing worthwhile even if you had a regular good graphics card and computer. It would take roughly half a year to recoup your money on the best ones. Another thing to remember is when the price of cryptos go up, most of the time the complexity and time of mining it does. You're only real hope is to mine a certain crypto, and hope that it's value increases drastically in the future. But that's a gamble in itself.
  2. Bitcoins

    Does anyone currently have any cryptocurrencies or planning on going into it?
  3. Thoughts on the North Dakota pipeline

    Our neighbors to the south have a big mess to clean up: Keystone pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota.
  4. Bitcoins

    I think the government itself has a lot of corrupt people living bitcoin for their own laundering needs. Last month or two, when the price was over 4k, a guy i know who's doing this for himself and other people, making good money of them too, wanting me to get in now before it's too late. I said I would when it goes back down to 3k. Sure enough, within a week it went down that low for just some hours, and shot back up the same day. Now look at it, do i regret not getting in? Not really, it's fast money and i would have needed to put my money in an online bank account which accepts transfers to bitcoin. I'm just not comfortable with the whole thing.
  5. Looking for new router

    Linksys WRT54GL for life!
  6. Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs

    This is concerning, the main focus for capitalists isn't to share the wealth, but to become the top of the chain and us, the 99%, to be pheasants. Advanced AI will be abused and used for no ones good except the elite.
  7. Vegas Shootings

    Was my thought as well. They would have pinpointed his location faster though.
  8. Vegas Shootings

    ...And the Oklahoma City Bombing footage. How convenient that all footage available has the time around the bombing cut out...
  9. Vegas Shootings

    There was another video from the ground floor of the hotel that you could hear better without echoing and the cadence of the fire rate was not consistence which would explain the bump fire stock or a rotary crank trigger device. These are both legal.
  10. Vegas Shootings

    Never know, but we do and always did have a lot of crazy people and junk coming to surface. It's like the whole world has been binging on hormone induced dairy and the pimples are surfacing and popping. I'm sure the Democrats will try to push through what they can and hope it passes, but even Obama really couldn't get anything through, so I doubt Trump will push anything.
  11. Is this close to it happening? What will tip this over the edge? North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war
  12. One thing came up the other day, it's funny how Russia is saying how the US is in the wrong if we would provoke or start a war with North Korea. How hypocritical of the country who took over Crimea from Ukraine and continue to have involvement in the eastern part of there. Russia is one of the top forces in the world and they could stop the fighting in Ukraine at any moment, but they choose not to for their own interests. Let that sink in.
  13. iOS 11

  14. iOS 11

    Makes your older iPhone instantly lackluster too. I'm going to hold off on anything iOS 11 as long as I can.
  15. Apple and Macs

    I'm still hanging onto my iPhone 6, which works good. In fact, I wish I could downgrade to iOS 9 features plus current security updates. The new 11 will have so many built in things that the earlier versions can't handle. And I still want my regular headphone jack.