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  1. Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs

    Why don't they just use a double sided grill device (Forman Grill like) to put the burgers in, cook for a preset time instead of a machine that has to worry about flipping and temp control.
  2. Anything "one world" this or that is a bad thing for everyone and anything. Why do you think people cry afoul when the phrase one world order is said? We are all at the mercy of one thing, one system, ideologies, freedom. etc... One world currency doesn't just mean a nice convenient stable currency, it means more means to be manipulated and controlled, no competition, nothing to keep it in-check. Unless you are a control freak or someone who believe's in this (which surprisingly many believe in). Cryptocurrecies are so unbelievably terrible and will ruin not only our money system, but with the surging increase of complicated hacking going on, it's only a matter of time they will screw us over and politicians and bankers lying to cover things up and screwing others over. They will also be able to control our money habits against our will. I have to laugh when people feel secure about things like online password keepers and think they are "safe". Hackers have the ability to get into anything, as long as it's electronic and has outside access. Do you really think cryptocurrency will not be able to be hacked into or manipulated? Also, there is no such thing as "finite" cryptocurrency, it's more able to be made out of thin air than printing money. Easy come - easy made, easy go. Long gone are the days of peppercorns and precious metals being the main source, but at least they were a physical material to source and handle. Printed money sounded good being backed by metals, but those days are long gone too.
  3. Springfield Armory - Saint

    One thing to correct in my post above, Magpul saw the weakness in keymod with direct keymod screws to polymer mounts. The keymod screws are like screw heads and chamfered with little grab, great for metal but strips in plastic. Mlok is a t-shaped nut head which has more grab.
  4. Springfield Armory - Saint

    I have keymod also, has a lot of support accessories and does the job for me. Keymod was the big thing that a bigger company, BCM, was on board with over several years ago. Many companies started to go towards this and the military was interested. A few years ago, Magpul (the most popularly advertised company in the US) saw a weakness in keymod with direct polymer to keymod attachments, thus created mlok. This made people start looking towards mlok as being the winner eventually. Then recently this came out from some professional testing done between the two, and mlok won the durability test hands down. http://soldiersystems.net/2017/05/05/details-on-the-ussocom-sponsored-keymod-vs-m-lok-test-conducted-at-nswc-crane/ Actual documentation on test results: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3k5QLIgMILLekg2Rll5U1FSdkE/view This doesn't mean keymod is going away, but mlok will overtake it most likely soon. They both offer a nice feature in that it makes the handguard slimmer and lighter with the ability to customize where to put on accessories or adding on picatinny rail sections. The old MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails are the most durable, but are heavier and bulky. The military did have some small contracts with keymod before, but have recently been picking up mlok contracts.
  5. Oil bust inevitable

    Was just about to post, oil prices sure has been tanking this week. Of course, every expert and their mother says it will rebound, just like before. We are in a different oil market and world now, nothing can be predicted.
  6. Bitcoins

    He'll be lying dead in the middle of a pile of cocaine and hookers within a few years.
  7. Springfield Armory - Saint

    Older styles made you take the optic off to change the battery, most if not all new ones don't. Just make sure to get a good set of flip up sights to put on, I would never trust having just an electronic optic without an etched reticle (most just on scopes). If considering the Bushnell, at least pay a little extra and go with the first link I sent on the Primary Arms Advanced, lighter and a little better built. Has been very popular and many like them. As with the Vortex, I'm not familiar with it, tons of optics of every type has flooded the market. It going to be heavy and bigger for what you can get in a smaller micro red dot, also has much less battery life. The funny thing is Vortex along with many companys get their products made from the same China manufacture and slap their name on it (same as Holosun and Primary Arms). Just cross your fingers you don't get a lemon (not uncommon), just need to exchange them until you get one that works, but then long term reliability is up in the air.
  8. Springfield Armory - Saint

    Also why I recommend micro Red dot sights (vs regular bigger sized ones) is because of how small and light they are and even though they have a smaller tube, it doesn't matter if you shoot them for the purpose they were designed, with both eyes open. Find a optimal spot to place it on the upper rail on your rifle and sight it in. Practice viewing targets with both eyes open, the red dot super imposes into view of both eyes and you will be able to view the target with the red dot over it. This also gives you greater view of everything around you and faster target acquisition.
  9. Springfield Armory - Saint

    Go for a microdot type of red dot with a tall base (meant for ARs with higher cheek rest on stock). My suggestion is to buy once, cry once, get the Aimpoint T-2. Or because it being your first purchase and don't want to break the bank, get either this one: http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-advanced-micro-dot-with-push-buttons-and-up-to-50k-hour-battery-life-md-ads or one of the Holosuns: http://www.primaryarms.com/Brand+Holosun/MCategories+Red-Dot-Sights/Size+Microdots Red dots are awesome, unlimited eye relief (can set it anywhere on the top rail, but best around the middle to maybe a little closer in towards the eye). You won't regret getting once, especially for up to 100 meters distances. If you need to, these can be effective to 300m, just no magnification and more practice needed.
  10. Global Wind Map

    Thought this was really cool, a real time animated global wind map. Allows you to navigate around the globe like google earth and look at the current wind around the world. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/
  11. Springfield Armory - Saint

    Nice! For mags, do yourself a favor and get the Lancer brand.
  12. The TSA

    Especially the wind too. Wouldn't mind getting out of here.
  13. Ruger AR-556

    Both very good budget options, nothing wrong with them in terms of reliability and function and good choices to have something and not worrying about much fuss. Kind of a set it and forget it. What it comes down to is more looks and feel. The Ruger Ar556 is going to be the more modern adaptation with faster acquisition and the black scary rifle look (some may not want this). You will also learn how to use and maintain newer weapons in the AR platform. This rifle will have more parts and cheaper good quality magazines available. Parts are everywhere and easy to find. The Ruger Mini 14 has the more traditional look, ergonomics and looks less evil (patterned after the M14 or civilian version called the M1A which uses 7.62x51). The parts are more proprietary, so if things break or need replacement, will be harder to find on a wide scale. To fix this, make sure to buy extra recommended replacement parts to have on hand.
  14. How do so many people take vacations all the time?

    Business people always say they are hard up or failing, that's to deter people thinking they make money or have any to offer to others. They don't want to look like they are doing well. The only ones are the type that own things to impress and get off from that. I did credit analyst for over a year and the key is to always make the business zero out on financial statements, there's many loop holes to get the IRS off your back and from taking everything, mostly write offs. Vacation write offs I suppose...
  15. U2 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour

    I was wanting to go to Dallas to see them a couple of weeks back where my sister lives, but had some things going on and work schedule didn't work out. Always liked U2 and wanted to see them live at least once.