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  1. People selling items online

    Also the low balling type even when you list at a more than fair asking price. But no, they want to play the haggle game. Goes back to your first point, might as well list it very high.
  2. Bitcoins

    How do they like dem apples.
  3. Kriss Vector gen II

    The nice thing about these are that they have many caliber choices, but I've read quality issues with certain parts, especially the ejector chute. If you want 9mm, go with a CZ scorpion, but if you want another caliber, then you should carefully read unbiased reviews on these and then make your decision.
  4. Bitcoins

    Sorry, should have mentioned my "sure would be a shame" was being sarcastic. At some point, it's going down, but who knows what will come of it after.
  5. Bitcoins

    Do you have a Wall Street Journal account, these links to them I can't see the whole article without signing in. Anyways, bitcoin still seems the same high price as before. Stocks are soaring, oil is soaring, bitcoin is doing the same, no stopping. Sure would be a shame if our long history repeats itself like it has many times before and the law of figurative gravity happens...what goes up must come down.
  6. I find the internet more intrusive in the last two years in general. A Lot more garbage news and advertisements.
  7. XD Mod.2 Sub Compact .45

    Yes, it will give you the best chance of penetration and keeping a straight trajectory after entering the target. You can also try flat nose which does the same, and underrated bullet. Underwood ammo makes these, but look at Buffalo Bore's website, they sell hot loads in flat nose and explain how they use them for bear country.
  8. Madhouse after holidays

    Seemed like Y2K waited until this year to happen.
  9. Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    Nice, treat it to some hot loaded ammo. +P with Buffalo bore flat nose or underwood xtemes.
  10. Bitcoins

    Very good point, though I would think Big Oil would have hatched up a scheme like this more than anything. With the increasing need for power, and alternative energy trying to gain a bigger market share, having to generate large amounts of bitcoin so fast would require more than they could catch up to, so in comes Big Oil to save the day. This also brings up another point on the manipulation possibilities with cryptocurrencies.
  11. Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    I'm not familiar with this, but by reading other reviews, seems to be mixed. As long as it's reliable and functions with decent accuracy, that's all that matters. I like simplicity as it usually means it will outlast anything else. As for the magazines, I would look into if they have ones that are rated good.
  12. Intel CPU Security Issues

    Unfortunately, every industry known to man since the beginning of time will try to make passive statements to defend their product. Apple blames the whole slow cpu fiasco on looking out for the best interests of the consumer's battery. Big Tobacco used to market their stuff as a healthy, etc.... Intel just doesn't want to sink, and our current society will allow them to bend us over and do what they want.
  13. XD Mod.2 Sub Compact .45

    I used to have one with the Beretta PX4 storm I had, but sold it all. It was easy to use with good retension and a quick draw. Knockdown power is misunderstood. A pistol is a pistol, and a rifle is a rifle as they say. It's always important to get a proper sized gun to go with the caliber. The bigger a caliber, the bigger the gun to handle it reliably and give it the performance it needs. With the gun you have in it's short barrel (45's go slow enough), get Underwood ammo in the +P. You can get the Xtreme penetrator or defense, which will help with penetration on top of the step up in performance they get with this. When it comes to putting something down, penetration is key, otherwise it won't do much unless it's a shotgun slug up close or a cannon ball that would cause excessive shock if for some reason it didn't penetrate.
  14. CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine

    For the gun class, they are very accurate. All smg like guns are a close quarter combat, home defense weapon, good up to 100-150 yards. There are many video reviews on this, I would not hesitate to get this is you want a smg/pdw.