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  1. You ordered it... I was sad and wish we did not choose that endning. I did go and watch the other ending afterwards. I was sad again.
  2. C Pav

    Nostaliga items

    Nice! I have one CIB. My sister brought me left over stuff her son, my nephew, left and never wanted so this was one of the items. Also a CIB action NES set.
  3. I played a little bit of it. It's pretty fun. Have not gotten around to playing it lately to try and finish it so will try sometime.
  4. Sadly had so many but back then never took good care of them and went through a phase where I peeled the stickers and stuck them to my closet door and room. Then when matured a bit helped parents clean them off the doors I stuck them to.
  5. I started it as well as Hades but not too far into them. IN fact I kind of have so little time I strat and hardly get much into any game. Hades is a rogue game where you play dungeons over and over to earn "currency" to upgrade and hopefully improve to eventually beat the levels. Also requires skill to avoid damage and attack properly to beat the stages and eventual bosses. THe Artful Escape has a nice art style. Not realistic graphics but colorful. It's more about the story and sicne not far into it not sure really how to explain it.
  6. Yep, it's bad and I say not going to be better for a long time...or ever.
  7. C Pav

    Nostaliga items

    Very fun game expecially back in the day where repetitive yet simple games were what we had and made the most of them. So many similar gmaes back then that we played over and over. Today's generation would get bored so fast or place one time through and never again. Another similar was Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road.
  8. Exactly I thought we knew this? Trying to get rich quick and time every up and down to make money every day is not great. If you really enjoy it then sure I guess but if you want to retire properly just go get a target date fund and leave it,
  9. Agreed but a new Costume Quest woudl just be amazing. Somethign about the simple older school art and easy to play design. Just wonderful.
  10. What are those games even? Come on bruh! Not my style.
  11. Not sure I saw these. So many new flavors lately and yes I have tried a few but not going to try flamin hot. That Applebees one looks good. I see there is a limited exclusive green apple called Trashed Apple or something flavor at Kroger
  12. Thought you sold your system and cancelled game pass? Tales of Arise is out and sounds like the best Tales to date!
  13. The PS4 Special Edition? Shadow of the Colossus [special Edition] If that one then $150.
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