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  1. Oil bust inevitable

    Maybe this has been brought up, I'm just to lazy to read every reply, but isn't oil suppose to be a non-renewable energy source. When I was in school the thought was that oil was the result of millions of years of decaying organic matter given the right conditions. If that theory is true, then there has to be an end to the Saudi's wells that they are pumping so much. If they know their well is decreasing, they're going to stop pumping it at these prices.......some day. The world will forever be using oil. Fueling cars is just one of the hundreds of uses for oil.
  2. Ebola: Doctors told to prep for global outbreak

    My favorite is when in every place you listen to news they say, "Ebola is hard to get." Yet every picture you see of people around anything associated with Ebola shows people in full hazmat gear with self contained breathing apparatuses. If it's so hard to get, why all the gear? I'm not buying it. Ebola is just as easy to get as the flu, maybe easier.
  3. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHcC6WbwuUw Wait for 0:55. Best make-up ever? Or real?
  4. Triangled shaped craft

    I would say real but the com-trails make me think it's man made.
  5. Ghost caught on trail cam?

    Certainly could be. However, pretty hard to determine that by just a picture. Would also like to know more about the situation in which it was captured.
  6. Sandpiper Project

    Anybody else hear about this? I guess it makes sense but I'm not sure how I feel about it with the environmental impact and all. If this comes to be, it sounds like Duluth/Superior could become a pretty important port city for oil. Lots of money coming to all of these communities as well. Sandpiper Project North Dakota Pipeline Company LLC is proposing to build the Sandpiper Pipeline Project. The Project will transport light crude oil from Enbridge’s Beaver Lodge Station, near Tioga, North Dakota, to an existing terminal in Superior, Wisconsin. If approved, the Sandpiper Pipeline will: Deliver Bakken light crude oil to U.S. and eastern Canadian refineries that produce fuel for our vehicles, as well as other everyday products; Offset imports from countries that are unstable or unfriendly to U.S. interests, increasing our nations’ energy independence; Provide local job opportunities during construction in Minnesota and North Dakota, with the expectation that 50 percent of the anticipated 3,000 construction jobs are filled by Minnesotans and North Dakotans; Increase revenue at local hospitality and other businesses providing equipment, supplies and materials; and Increase property tax revenue in each county crossed by the Project. In 2011, Enbridge paid $34 million in Minnesota property taxes. Once Sandpiper is in service, Enbridge’s contributions to Minnesota property taxes may increase by as much as $25 million annually. Since 1949, the foundation of Enbridge’s business has been the safe and reliable operation of its energy transportation facilities. We maintain the highest safety standards and best practices to protect our employees, residents and natural resources along our pipelines. Enbridge designs, constructs, operates and maintains its facilities to comply with or exceed all appropriate regulations, federal laws and national standards. Project Background The pipeline will be approximately 616-miles in length, 24-inches in diameter from the company’s Beaver Lodge Station south of Tioga, North Dakota to Clearbrook, Minnesota and 30-inches in diameter from Clearbrook to Superior, Wisconsin. Line 81 terminates in Clearbrook, Minnesota and Sandpiper will carry those additional volumes to Superior, Wisconsin. The new pipeline will generally follow Enbridge’s existing pipelines and/or other infrastructure right-of-way. More than 75 percent of the route is on existing utility right-of-way. Enbridge will also install a new pump station and tanks for Sandpiper in Clearbrook, Minn. Sandpiper will be a long-term, reliable transportation link from North Dakota to a variety of markets. It will transport Bakken crude to Enbridge terminals in Clearbrook and Superior. From these terminals, the crude oil can be shipped on Enbridge and other third-party pipelines to Midwest and North American refineries. Pending regulatory approvals, construction will begin in late 2014/early 2015 with the pipeline being placed in-service in Q1 2016. Minnesota Projects Related Media
  7. Kanye and Kim Wedding

    I hope those fuckers go bankrupt from their stupid waste of money.
  8. Fucking dogs

    Dogs FTW.
  9. FYI, the anesthetic gases you get during general anesthesia are fluoridated.
  10. The plane was stolen. The passengers gassed and killed on board. They didn't have time to use their cell phones. Once the terrorists who stole the plane equip it to drop a bomb, look out D.C.............
  11. Stocks

    I currently own shares in DTV, OILT, AAL, and YNDX. I'm holding them for the rest of the year. I think they'll do nicely by December.