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  1. Just ordered a new charger and some EBL batteries, we will see how they last.
  2. @C Pav you picking up this collection?
  3. Strong earthquake rocks Crete, Greece’s biggest island, killing at least one person (msn.com)
  4. Dam, I just went and watched it as well, there really was not a happy ending either way.
  5. Reviews seem good, and that detail on the cars, down to children fingerprints. Insane! Looks like I will purchase tonight when I get home.
  6. Just saw this game is coming out. If @jmanz needed another excuse to get an Xbox this is it. Game looks dam fun, I think I might pick it up myself. Make sure to check out the selection of vehicles and tracks on the website, it's gonna be amazing! Homepage | Hot Wheels (hotwheelsunleashed.com)
  7. So played some of The Artful Escape last night. WOW, the colors of this game are mind blowing, it's like you are on acid. This is a pretty amazing game so far. The guitar riffs are awesome to.
  8. Beat Rise of the Tomb Raider last night, great game, but glad it's over. Started The Artful Escape this morning.
  9. Netflix is bringing a live action Cowboy Bebop to it's selection.
  10. The Xbox headset works with the Switch update apparently.
  11. nodle

    Tesla vehicles

    Shhhh... he said the quiet part out loud.
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