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    Hand paint.  Nothing worthwhile to post as of yet.
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    Thing's that make you laugh (part deux)

    Hi.  I am P. Ness, joined by friends Tee Wat, and Cay Ohck.
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    erf. District 9 obviously.  :good grief charlie brown:
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    Ya.  Deep into blood bowl; in so much as I have several teams - dwarfs, halflings and enough humans and orks so that each daughter can paint a team of each.  None painted yet.  :sadface:  Otherwise I have some Tyranids and genestealers are coming back in a big way. I'll post pics tomorrow.  All...
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    @nodle  Do you have a moment to talk about the Greater Good?
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    What model?  Gundam?
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    Ya.  They are weirdos, but totally fit into the movie.   Holy pete it was great!  Highly recommended.  If you like robots, or liked District, I'm confident you'd enjoy it.  
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    Has anyone seen the movie Chappie?
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    I wonder if it was detected in the same manner as the recent North Korea quake/nuclear test. Does S.Korea have a similar test?  Or are the N.Koreans burrowing? 
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    What are you listening to? (2016 Edition)

    new red fang is coming in october.  no one in the house likes the music I like.  So its either in the car or in the garage that I listen to music.
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    Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    I would enjoy video from the camera adapter!
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    Post your recent purchases

    #picsoritdidnthappen #iknowithappenedpostpicsanyway
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    Coffee Drinkers unite!

    Rented a cabin at the campground.  We live close, so its easy to make multiple trips.  I had taken a 4 cup coffee maker, but couldn't find the filters.  On the second trip to get the bikes, got Keurig
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    Dirt sifter box

    I would enjoy see pics of any discoveries.   Do you have any action shots?  Do you hike for paydirt and do it at home? 
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    Sea monster discovered on Google maps?

    Well.  I looked at my house.  I can tell its been updated here because the neighbors tree is missing and the cement work is finished.  I can also see the patio from last year in my back yard.