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    Bad Tats

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    Gps units

    I have the same one.  I used it on a trip this past summer and it did help me find the farm house I was looking for.  I think every road was on it except for the gravel road out to the house.
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    How gay!  You have to use IE to view the page.  Using an IE tab in firefox still wouldn't work either!.  :smt011
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    I wonder what kind of pluggins she has and if she has any different skins.  ;-)
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    Coding issue

    Thanks, I'll have to give it a try and let you know how it works out.
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    Coding issue

    Oh well, thanks anyways, I'm just going to have to settle using a table.  Although the AJAX that i'm using doesn't look as "eye candy" as using div's would be.  Maybe i'll run accross an example sometime on the internet that will solve my issue.  :smt024
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    Coding issue

    Ok, i'll try to make this as simple as possible, but does any body know how to make 4 column with in a tag.  The info that will be in the 4 columns will be pull from a DB.  Something I tried was this: <div id="mainContent"> <? forloop{ ?>     <div id="loopContent<?=$i?>"> 1.      ...
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    Favorite channels?

    From what little i've seen, it is more of a hour long drama then a 30 min. sitcom.  It is about a single woman who has a daughter and have all your usual life problems.  I'm sure there are others that could give a way better explination.  I'm sure i'll probably know more if she makes me watch...
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    The levitating stone of Shivapur

    Maybe its a "Wireless" stone  :roll:
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    Favorite channels?

    Discovery, History, Military, Comedy Central, and the gf also loves Gilmore Girls so unfortunatly i have a tivo season pass set to it  :smt017
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    Black Manta, TR-3 picture?

    Na, just means somebody has too much free time on his hands :-D
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    I'd rather not see Jmanz wearing that.  Keep the woman!
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    Not sure if this was already posted but i'll put it up here anyway. An awesome tool if you like the linux command line environment!
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    Hi from texas

    Oh work sent me down here for a week so i'm not spending a dime  :-D  I'm just here to learn as much as I can and I am taking particular interest in the AJAX stuff.  Looks promising.  The weather is nice, yesterday it was about 90, today it is in the 80's.  I'll be here till friday too so...
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    Hi from texas

    Just wanted to say hi to the fluxoid people while i'm at TX.  I am at the apacheCon 2006 conference.  right now I'm sitting in a boring lecture about browser embeding databases.