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    Yea I was in Great Falls once and went to Subway, it was one of those ones in a gas stop.  Anyways the Manager was pretty much a 30 year old Methed-out junkie, bald and tatts everywhere.  The funny/fucked thing, was that in the middle of making my sandwich some of his skateboarding buddies...
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    Newegg woes.....

    So, I ordered a new computer; Q6600 Gigabyte ga-p35-dq6...check it out on newegg 2 gigs of crucial ballistix ddr2-pc 6400 Thermaltake 600w cable management PSU and of course; BFG 8800 GTX oc2 Well I got it all installed and up and going.  Well I had a couple of gaems to try first was...
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    funniest thing i've seen in years

    Full Movie top that
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    DVD to .AVI

    Gordian Knot
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    Summer Fun '03

    So I finally got around to upping these. A couple video's of my buddies and I a few years ago. You'll probably enjoy..... Frying Pan: Pc 1: Pc 2:
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    Portal Video... and TF2 teaser

    Looks like fun. Reminds me of Prey a bit but, IMO looks better because they are using some really good field of depth, and motion blur effects in game... have a look.
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    Yea I just finished it. It was pretty good. Um any specific questions?
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 2

    Yea I thought it was absolute shit. IF you were a 8 year old boy you might have enjoyed ths movie. Just so damn cheesy. I enjoyed the first one but cheesy lines and cheesy action killed thsi one. We'll talk once someone else goes to see this. And it really went no where.
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    Who was the best James Bond?

    Moore had the best films. Dunno if he was the best though.
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    So I am in Delaware

    Yea, so I drove through Philadelphia yesterday. That was a little intense for a boy from Montana. This trip fucking sucks. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
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    So I am in Delaware

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    Dogs play quake?

    WTF mate?
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    Pet Peeves, Rants, and Complaints - add yours to the list!

    Ok I confirmed my annoyance with another Gent tonight. Its when you order a Tanqueray and Tonic or a Saffire and Tonic, and they give you fuckin club soda. Usually I can deal, but it happens so fuckin often that its makes you want to snap. And you know what, I take it back and go through the...
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    Tinfoil hats for Tinfoil forum