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    Amazon and shipping

    I just wanted to tell this story. So I ordered a package that was suppose to be delivered today. The UPS guy hands me the package and I know how big the box is suppose to be and it doesn't match. I am kinda in shock trying to figure it out. I read the box and its a box of artificial grass turf...
  2. nodle

    Ducky one 2 mini keyboard

    Just hooked this little beauty up. Love the 60& size, so much more room on my desk. The colors are bright and vivid as well. I pulled the keys straight off and installed the putty ones along with some O-rings. Loving it! :love:
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    I use to have this comic. Always loved the cover.
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    Just picked up: Both sets and... Shockwave
  5. nodle

    Cool pics

    I love the blend of old and new together.
  6. nodle

    Is college a scam?

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    Come on @C Pav I know you would love to collect this stuff, look at this monstrosity coming out, Unicron he eats planets for Petes sake! https://hasbropulse.com/collections/haslab/products/transformers-war-for-cybertron-unicron
  8. nodle

    Windshield Chip Fix

    I did want to mention anyone else that uses one of these kits (most of them are all the same), when you use the resin sheets and let the UV get to them, take a pair of scissors and just cut what you need. I cut mine in half it it was still plenty. Just cut a little more that the crack or chip.
  9. nodle

    All things World of Warcraft

    So I finally got my 15th Anniversary Collection box set here last week. First of the box is huge! I did open mine because I wanted the statue and the free mounts and free game time as well. Everything is beautifully packaged as well. The statue is HUGE! Even though it's plastic, I was hoping for...
  10. nodle

    People using you because of your knowledge

    So walk into church on Sunday, and a guy comes up to me and says, "So I hear from a few people that you work on computers"?...... please kill me.
  11. nodle

    Windshield Chip Fix

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    I have always loved Transformers. They bring me back to being a kid. I recently just bought the box set so that I can watch them again. They have always been one of my most favorite toys. Recently Walmart of all places has re-released some G1 figures again. If you can get your hands on them...
  13. nodle

    Let's talk beards

    Ordered some new oils from a new company. Had a great sale this weekend. So we will see how it goes. https://fablebeardco.com/
  14. nodle

    Collection of Mana - Nintendo Switch

    Physical copy $29.99, @C Pav @ryanator https://t.co/eIBZxYjcJ4
  15. nodle

    Windshield Chip Fix

    Fixed the chip in the windshield. Pretty impressed. Resin take about 6 minutes to cure and resin sheet take 20 minutes, I can’t even see chip anymore. :cool: