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    Rocket Man; I think it's gonna be a wong wong time...
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    Honestly though I was just thinking about this, change is actually good. I was down in a trench today leaning on a shovel and it was actually fun doing some physical labor once and awhile. I am outside not couped up in an office, don't have to deal with an customer, just me and my hands. It's the stress factor, and the "I am sitting here wasting my life" that is gone.
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    Well if you read above, I got a deal on the stuff, no where near that price. Too good to pass up. How about after you kick me in my nuts you come over in your new vehicle and pick me up and I'll come over and we turn on your oled tv and relax together?
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    $1200? Serious? Tell me you really feel you will get that much worth from it? And you rip on me for spending a dime on my hobbies? How about for $50 you come on over on a full moon night, look up at the moon then I kick you in the nuts so you can lie on the ground and stare at it for a while?
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    Testing some more right now and truthfully, things seem snappier all around for the apps I use. Myfitnesspal, to log calories since a fatty, used to be terrible but now it's so much better. Same for others. I also like some of the additions to the OS. Biggest thing is when I go to storage it lets me bring up a list of what items are taking up what and where they are. Take videos and pictures in messages. I try my best to clean them up myself but keep so many and would be a pain to go through old message threads to find what and where they were. Now it does that for me and tells me. So nice. Also the offload unused apps may be nice to use for removing the app but keeping the data. Before it was all or nothing.
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    After installation yesterday things seemed faster (6 plus) and battery seemed better or same. Today some things seem like already slowing down and battery is at 62% but that's normal for a 30 month old phone and the use of it.
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    I cheated and looked up the lineup for 99. I can see why the crowds got worked up lol. Collective Soul was there!
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    I was for about two months on my own when we moved. I took the first job I could get and it sucked. I couldn't get unemployment since I am the one that left my old job. It reminded me of dating. It sucks having to start all over again from the beginning, where a job your at awhile is like being married and you get comfortable. But in in it all settles back down and things get back to normal. I guess in a way it's actually a good thing. Instead of a stale old job you get to learn and do something new. Sometimes it's even way better.
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    Someone is going to be shopping for an athletic cup on amazon next. Will it be on sale?
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    She better trade those bars in for some floaties.
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    If some hardship ever comes our way, there's gonna be a whole mess of perpetually outraged marxists shitting themselves.
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    If it came down to it not well, in my personal opinion we could not handle it. We are equipped with the weaponry for war to get the job done and do it quite well. But all the pussies in America would freak out about it and hide in their safe places.
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    The Allman Brothers somewhat, The animals guitar sounds somewhat similar.
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    I got one planted inside @jmanz house and it seems to work quite well.
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    Yeh it's an old devil. Probably let too much dust collect over time. I think I'll pick up a Corsair and be done with it.
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    That would be a some of these.
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    That's one hell of a toilet cam!