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    Who to trust? NSA or Kaspersky? I vote Kaspersky. Interesting how US based AV can't detect NSA malware.
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    On the topic of mining, here's an interesting graphic showing the current best for your money mining graphics processors. Mining takes a lot of money and performance, nothing worthwhile even if you had a regular good graphics card and computer. It would take roughly half a year to recoup your money on the best ones. Another thing to remember is when the price of cryptos go up, most of the time the complexity and time of mining it does. You're only real hope is to mine a certain crypto, and hope that it's value increases drastically in the future. But that's a gamble in itself.
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    I see Firefox just updated to 57.0. With a whole new look and speed. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
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    Check out guitar George; he knows all the cords. He can play the honky tonk like anything. With the Sultans...........
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    I'll have you call your ISP and upgrade your upload to 10 megabits per second. I upped mine now up yours?
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    They could have taken goonies back in the day and did something like stranger things with it.
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    You are right. Who do you think funded these sites? Who do you think gave them the physiological tools and ideas?
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    The way I see it is when you do Facebook and Smartphones, you are helping the NSA/CIA build a profile on you. Local agencies get access to same data and do parallel constructions. What you say and express now may be legal/acceptable but, in future administrations/generations it may not.
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    I think it depends on a few things first. Your setup first matters. Do you keep all your data on one computer or do you have another computer to backup to or a NAS? If you keep your important data somewhere else then speed is more important than data and worse comes to worse and your drive dies you can bring back over your data. If not then you will want some sort of backup, offsite, NAS, server, external drive, something else. I think most modern day motherboards support Raids right out of the box, Raid 1, Raid 0, Raid 5, and Raid 10 seem to be the most common Raids arrays coming stock on motherboards these days. I would at least do a 1 if data is extremely important. Also, most modern day chips/motherboards can handle raids just fine with virtually no impact on performance. It's up to your budget as well since you will lose a drive with most of the Raid arrays for redundancy. If your doing video editing a lot of people use a server or NAS device for storage etc. Just make sure to have a fast network connection as well (hardwired and full gigabit connection).
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    For @ndboarder
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    Social media is a disease. Kids born in the past few years are pretty screwed in terms of ever having privacy in their lives. Even those about 10-15 years younger than myself have a drowning digital addiction and basically no recollection of a time when you didn't get immediate responses from people. "Dude I texted you over 2 minutes ago." "Why didn't you answer your phone" They have no comprehension of a time before cell phones, where you called someone's house and if they weren't there to answer you'd just have to try again later. They are never more than a foot from their phone. A small aside, I always heard people claim battery life on the iPhone was so great, yet I see a nephew that has to almost constantly have his phone on a charger. Seems like if he unplugs it for more than an hour or two the battery is already dead from text/snap chat/whatever other social media and messaging he's doing constantly Then there's the even younger kids, those so young they maybe don't even have a phone or tablet of their own yet. BUT kids seem to get these now by age 3, so the dependency on it starts very early on. These kids probably have parents posting baby pictures, funny (embarrassing) stories of something their little tyke did, etc. Years down the road, all such kids will be able to go back and find this stuff parents said or showed of their peers when they were younger. I can't blame the courts for deciding kids would have a right to go back and sue parents over this kind of stuff a while back. Don't get me wrong, I work on a PC all day. I mess with my phone a lot. I play video games a lot. If that all went away though, I would have some idea of what to do to entertain myself and survive. I'm not so sure most people 25 would make it....
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    It's the onboard video that is messing you up. No one really buys a board with onboard video anymore unless you are talking about the new AMD chips or the Intel chips that have the video built on the chip. Most boards you just buy a video card for (even a small video card is cheap and overkill for most things unless it's gaming).