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    I posted this on this forum somewhere years ago, but will put it here.
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    I want it to go back to one dollar per gallon.
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    Rocket Man; I think it's gonna be a wong wong time...
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    Honestly though I was just thinking about this, change is actually good. I was down in a trench today leaning on a shovel and it was actually fun doing some physical labor once and awhile. I am outside not couped up in an office, don't have to deal with an customer, just me and my hands. It's the stress factor, and the "I am sitting here wasting my life" that is gone.
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    Well if you read above, I got a deal on the stuff, no where near that price. Too good to pass up. How about after you kick me in my nuts you come over in your new vehicle and pick me up and I'll come over and we turn on your oled tv and relax together?
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    $1200? Serious? Tell me you really feel you will get that much worth from it? And you rip on me for spending a dime on my hobbies? How about for $50 you come on over on a full moon night, look up at the moon then I kick you in the nuts so you can lie on the ground and stare at it for a while?
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    Probably just unlock it since it was my wife carrying in all the groceries.
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    Testing some more right now and truthfully, things seem snappier all around for the apps I use. Myfitnesspal, to log calories since a fatty, used to be terrible but now it's so much better. Same for others. I also like some of the additions to the OS. Biggest thing is when I go to storage it lets me bring up a list of what items are taking up what and where they are. Take videos and pictures in messages. I try my best to clean them up myself but keep so many and would be a pain to go through old message threads to find what and where they were. Now it does that for me and tells me. So nice. Also the offload unused apps may be nice to use for removing the app but keeping the data. Before it was all or nothing.
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    After installation yesterday things seemed faster (6 plus) and battery seemed better or same. Today some things seem like already slowing down and battery is at 62% but that's normal for a 30 month old phone and the use of it.
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    I cheated and looked up the lineup for 99. I can see why the crowds got worked up lol. Collective Soul was there!
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    Someone is going to be shopping for an athletic cup on amazon next. Will it be on sale?
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    She better trade those bars in for some floaties.
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    If some hardship ever comes our way, there's gonna be a whole mess of perpetually outraged marxists shitting themselves.
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    If it came down to it not well, in my personal opinion we could not handle it. We are equipped with the weaponry for war to get the job done and do it quite well. But all the pussies in America would freak out about it and hide in their safe places.
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    The Allman Brothers somewhat, The animals guitar sounds somewhat similar.
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    I got one planted inside @jmanz house and it seems to work quite well.
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    That would be a some of these.
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    Just got it last night. It will pick them out on Mars.
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    Get bigger hands then. Once you go plus you don't go back. Such a nice screen compared to the smaller ones. I will admit though yeah it's not a one hander... Like if you need to try and use your thumb to reach the other side it's not happening.
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    There was a big 8.1 earthquake near southern Mexico off the coast. The earth lately is angry my friends.
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    I think you misread that, they have hydrogen peroxide bombs.
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    Microsoft started the Game Pass service earlier this year. I had an initial week or 2 free trial and kept it since. Reason is there are a lot of games I actually wanted and want to play. I will be honest and say that there are many old free GWG games as well as some smaller indie games but once I looked through the catalog I was impressed by the other offerings that I wanted to play even for older games. I will start my review with one that was recently added named Hue. It's a side scrolling platformer like Limbo but with a bit more mechanics. As your progress you find the colors of the rainbow and you use them by pressing the appropriate button to bring up the color wheel and then the right stick to move a dot in a circular motion to select the color you need to solve the puzzle. The puzzles are objects that are hidden or in your way and you change the color to hide or show them. Overall I am very impressed by the game for the simplicity yet complexity and clever puzzle design. I am about a third through the game and look forward to finishing it. Highly recommend!
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    Some may remember these. i would really like to see more.
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    Picture this, a guy trying to get time in to mow the grass, play WoW and spend time with two kids all in one day.
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    Soon in Texas...
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    I'll just buy one ad secretly enjoy it and not mention it like @ndboarder did with his PS4.
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    Devils. They are playing with fire. Folks down there are almost as well armed as their northern brethren.
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    Can somebody get grandpa some nerf bars?
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    Basically just anarchists and troublemakers looking for excuses to be violent and destroy property.
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    People use to make fun of them, until the floods came.
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    The Charlottesville FALSE FLAG: Van at Accident Scene was a Salvaged and Planted there in Advance Much ink has been spilled over the Charlottesville events. We will try not to use much of it, instead show you some images that speak louder than words. What do we know: 1. “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler was reportedly an Obama supporter involved in the Occupy movement as recently as November 2016, before establishing his white supremacist group “Unity & Security for America” in January, 2017. Also a possible CNN Assignment Editor, posting about Occupy Movement. See more: http://dailywesterner.com/news/2017-08-29/charlottesville-false-flag-van-at-accident-scene-was-a-salvaged-and-planted-there-in-advance/
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    Seems like a rip off. Any little excuse to jack us up.
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    Oh you don't say...
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    It's not like we can go to Mexico and go on welfare. They'd lock our asses up and ask for a 10,000 dollar ransom. How are we expected to provide what they are not in turn willing to provide?
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    I'd rather have the one on the right.
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    It's been many years, but he's back!
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    Yes, degreasing will make it last on much longer. I've been meaning to order that to have on hand for a while now, will do it in my next order, not sure if I can find locally.
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    I hadn't thought of that. Locks gone bad?
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    Mass thinking. Not much different than the news these days.Just like Walmart did in the 90's. You get people thinking that you are always the cheapest, that way they don't even bother going anywhere else because they think it is always going to be. I be you even remember their slogan in your head "always low prices, always". Notice that they don't use that anymore and most times these days they are actually higher. But it's embedded in you to think that way.
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    12G blast to the chest does a body good.
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    A few of Sony's social media accounts were hacked. The group responsible claims to have breached PSN and gotten their DB as well. If you have a PSN, might be time to change your password (again). I was prompted to reset my password as soon as I attempted to sign in yesterday after I saw the news.
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