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    Linksys WRT54GL for life!
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    Use the pulpit as a turret for double barrel browning belt fed machine gun. Parishioners get out of hand it's then full auto.
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    Say hello to my little friend. DiskStation DS918+
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    yeah, I'll be sick of it soon enough, ends up that way every year. At this point in the season though I don't mind seeing it, and for the past many years it seems we barely see anything until late December. I wouldn't mind seeing a foot or so drop, then just melt off over a few days and call it good for the season...
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    A malicious new Chrome extension has been discovered, and it's a serious security risk. Capable of capturing everything a victim types into an infected Chrome browser, Catch-All is spreading through email phishing attacks. It has only been discovered in Brazil thus far, but it has the potential to do a lot of damage if it spreads. Renato Marinho, chief research officer at Morphus Labs, says Catch-All isn't alone either—in fact it's the third one he's written about since August. The previous two targeted customers of specific banks, but this latest extension is targeting everyone, making it very dangerous. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/chrome-users-beware-a-new-catch-all-extension-could-steal-everything-you-type/
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    It does what it is told, it watches Stranger Things
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    Who to trust? NSA or Kaspersky? I vote Kaspersky. Interesting how US based AV can't detect NSA malware.
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    On the topic of mining, here's an interesting graphic showing the current best for your money mining graphics processors. Mining takes a lot of money and performance, nothing worthwhile even if you had a regular good graphics card and computer. It would take roughly half a year to recoup your money on the best ones. Another thing to remember is when the price of cryptos go up, most of the time the complexity and time of mining it does. You're only real hope is to mine a certain crypto, and hope that it's value increases drastically in the future. But that's a gamble in itself.
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    I see Firefox just updated to 57.0. With a whole new look and speed. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
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    Check out guitar George; he knows all the cords. He can play the honky tonk like anything. With the Sultans...........
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    I'll have you call your ISP and upgrade your upload to 10 megabits per second. I upped mine now up yours?
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    You are right. Who do you think funded these sites? Who do you think gave them the physiological tools and ideas?
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    I think it depends on a few things first. Your setup first matters. Do you keep all your data on one computer or do you have another computer to backup to or a NAS? If you keep your important data somewhere else then speed is more important than data and worse comes to worse and your drive dies you can bring back over your data. If not then you will want some sort of backup, offsite, NAS, server, external drive, something else. I think most modern day motherboards support Raids right out of the box, Raid 1, Raid 0, Raid 5, and Raid 10 seem to be the most common Raids arrays coming stock on motherboards these days. I would at least do a 1 if data is extremely important. Also, most modern day chips/motherboards can handle raids just fine with virtually no impact on performance. It's up to your budget as well since you will lose a drive with most of the Raid arrays for redundancy. If your doing video editing a lot of people use a server or NAS device for storage etc. Just make sure to have a fast network connection as well (hardwired and full gigabit connection).
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    For @ndboarder
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    I recall some years with a lot of storm days. Can't say I recall going on a Saturday for make up - maybe a vague recollection of such a thing but it was pretty much a sham where no one was really expected to be there, just a technicality. I do recall that probably in that timeframe was a year we had a family ski vacation for a week or so. To be out of school for that length required doing work up front, so I'd had my assignments from the time we'd be gone given to me well in advance, completed and turned them in. We went on vacation and there was a storm to the degree that of the planned many days we would miss, we only actually missed a day or two of class. It was a nice vacation, and when we got back it continued, because I ended up well ahead in classes so basically sat around and twiddled thumbs until the rest of the class caught up to what I'd already done.
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    I remember those years. We had a lot of school storm days. I believe they even had school on a couple Saturdays to make up days. I skipped those. @ndboarder do you remember that?
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    Got some 22 LR coming today. Stingwhores. Back down in price to what there were in 2011.
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    I'm still sick of it from last December-January. That was brutal here. Fortunately we didn't have much after January but we were setting records up to that point.
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    Not much over this way. Almost all melted.
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    If you want fairly long and nice straight cuts I would go with a table saw over anything else if you have access. If that isn't available, then I would use a good straight board to clamp to plywood as a guide for any cuts and use a circular saw. If you don't have that, then the same type of system with a jigsaw would work fine too. If you're cutting odd shapes out of the plywood the jigsaw would work well.
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    Ya, it's a shame especially for a church, heard there was two other shooting today as well. Heard the gunman in the Texas one used a Ruger Ar. Here comes all the gun control stuff.
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    No but you can profit off of their intrusions by selling more security products.
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    I think the government itself has a lot of corrupt people living bitcoin for their own laundering needs. Last month or two, when the price was over 4k, a guy i know who's doing this for himself and other people, making good money of them too, wanting me to get in now before it's too late. I said I would when it goes back down to 3k. Sure enough, within a week it went down that low for just some hours, and shot back up the same day. Now look at it, do i regret not getting in? Not really, it's fast money and i would have needed to put my money in an online bank account which accepts transfers to bitcoin. I'm just not comfortable with the whole thing.
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    JFK assassination: Secret Service Stand down. Watch as the two secret service men assigned to protect president Kennedy's motorcade are ordered to stand down just minutes before entering Dealey Plaza. They are obviously not happy about being given these orders.
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    Better get the old wallet out Sir!
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    A lot of people love those old things. I think the main thing is how reliable and accurate they are. There is still quite a following for them.
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    I know one thing that is going to be scary soon is all the waterlogged vehicles hitting the used market soon from Texas, Florida etc.
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    Beat it this weekend. l also had one achievement fail to pop for getting all coins in each run and gun level - so I started a new game and ran through the 3 isles again. Beat all the necessary levels to move along on the simplest setting and grabbed all the coins in the run and guns again. Took a little over 2 hours. Once beaten I also tried a level on Expert settings for a little bit to get an S rank for an achievement, and I cleaned up a couple levels on the first isle to beat each an A- rank or better for another achievement.
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    Started this on Friday. Made it through 6 episodes, and haven't been able to watch since. We could have maybe snuck an episode in one night, but it would've been hard to stop after that assuming cliff hangers only get bigger and down to only a couple episodes. It was safer to just avoid it rather than end up awake until 3 am and losing a bunch of sleep
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    Man @Davidc you are on a 80's roll.
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    Are we talking about the classic consoles or something else?
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    Lot's of blacked out paragraphs to look through.
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    Oh wait. I just checked my email correspondence. I guess it was newegg I got them from. A feller gets confused with ordering at work.
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    Just got a couple of 400 watt corsairs from Amazon. Stock was in and shipment was quick. Now on to power tools.........
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    Interesting that all of this is turning around on the Democrats. The dirty Clinton uranium deals with Russia are coming out. Obama administration being investigated. Russian collusion alright.
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    Well this is right up @jmanz alley. Now you to can mine for gold just like on the tv show. http://store.steampowered.com/app/451340/Gold_Rush_The_Game/
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    You probably won't like my suggestion, but I highly recommend this set: Yes you are going to spend a tad up front but they will last you forever. That little impact driver is amazing! http://www.dewalt.com/en-us/products/power-tools/combo-kits/20v-max-xr-lithium-ion-brushless-compact-drill--driver--impact-driver-combo-kit/dck283d2
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    Glad you remember my old posts about embedding hardware back doors in chips. You watch one day something will come up about this mark my words. Back on topic though, I am on the fence with Kaspersky, part of me feels bad for them, and part of me does think that they are very capable of it. I probably wouldn't run their AV now because off this. But I am sure that the North American AV companies might have done the same in the past hoping foreign agencies would install their software in hopes of even being on their intranet to then get out on. Reminds me of that story in Russia at a convention where they were giving out as a promotion free USB drives with the company logo, which just happened to be loaded with a backdoor. They placed it right outside of a American intelligence gathering convention. Classic.
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    If you remember the shooter on the Navy base back a few years ago, even on his rifle that he used he had the words "My ELF weapon" inscribed on it. Officials: Navy Yard shooter carved odd messages into his gun before carnage
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    I'm a closet Avril Lavigne listener.
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    Well add a jigsaw to our collection. This thing cuts like butter, and even has a fan blower on it when you cut.
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