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    That's awesome. Isoroku Yamamoto - You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
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    Perhaps location is something to take in consideration. Know your community and the officers if possible. Or at least what you can and can't get by with. Small town USA can be very different than big city. Longmire has a gentler touch than the Minneapolis officer in question
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    Where are the protests from this shooting? The outrage? The looting?
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    Wife went in to pick up her Ruger AR-556 this afternoon. It'll be interesting to check the unit out.
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    Need more notice to do my 18 hour brisket
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    Party at @ndboarder house! I am so there!
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    Bought 4 more gold pans and a sleuth box yesterday, couldn't pass up the deal. Got some locations today where he guarantees we will get some flakes.
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    Interesting choice of naming. Almost gives you a feeling that you have to be brave to use it.
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    This is kinda off subject, but this weekend I went hiking with my sister. Surprisingly we ran into a few other hikers/fishermen out in the middle of nowhere. What I found interesting besides the friendliness of everyone, was how everyone was open carrying including myself. It was a cool feeling, no one really cared either. Most of them were women as well. It gave me a glimpse of what a true America could be like if everyone could open carry at all times, no one would think it was strange.
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    Maybe look it up just to make sure I'm right but I'm pretty certain about it. It caught my attention.
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    In ND if you are constitutionally carrying a concealed, you must inform upon contact with an officer. (August 1st) This is when you are then shot.
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    Bitcoin soars on optimism over code upgrade
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    No it's still going. They have a spin off that is a companion to it. Haven't seen that one. (Fear The Walking Dead)
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    Pretty cool @ndboarder. I knew you had one, but always pictured in my head like a small little Starbucks with hot nerdy baristas running around. You hanging out hitting on the ladies makes SQL jokes to them. " I'll insert my record into your table babe ".
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    I just drink the stuff these starbucks machines in the breakroom spit out. So, you've reminded me that my cup is empty and needs a refill. This is what the things look like that we have here (picture is just from internet, not actually the breakroom I am in, ours looks a lot nicer)
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    Quite well actually. I have used Wolf ammo a lot. Russian made and always a good price. My carry stuff I always go with a hollow point, but for target shooting works great.
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    Footage has emerged of what leading UFO researchers believe to be an alien “mothership” – the mammoth craft was spotted on NASA’s live feed of the space region adjacent to the International Space Station (ISS).
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    Aware of the issues with mobile and online banking and is working to fix the problem.
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    So in light of a recent news story where a police dash cam did not capture a whole event since it took place on the drivers side door of the police vehicle. Why not have a new type of camera on police vehicles. No longer dash cams but a low profile roof mounted camera system than cam see 360 degrees. The technology is there, Google uses it, Bing uses it. Even the standard cell phone with panoramic mode has this technology built in. This way it could record from every angle possible. There would be no excuses. Also make it tamper proof and always on recording so that not even the police could disable it. It would be a hexagonal pattern on the roof with coated lenses at an angle.
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    Broke out the telescope for @jmanz. While it was not the best viewing conditions when he was here (almost full moon), he did get to see Saturn and it's rings and the Moon's craters.
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    I'd like to use it as a cologne. I've picked the AR556 up a number of times. Sure like how it feels. The bushmaster Varminter with the 24 inch barrel and bipod is pretty unwieldy and heavy. (not a truck gun by any stretch) (limited to sniper gun almost exclusively) Looks pretty close to this one:
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    Just like the Fake moon landings in '69.
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    Or at least spell Traeger correctly... If yours is really a Treager you got ripped off
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    Gotta clean er thoroughly and give it a go.
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    So why do we live in a day and age where we can't get the good Ranch? You know the type that I am talking about. The runny stuff made with real buttermilk that you want to dip everything in? Why can't Hidden Valley Ranch just bottle this stuff? It seems you can find in only in small mom and pop restaurants. Do they not want us to all live in harmony, become one with the Ranch Gods? Thankfully we have a small local pizza joint that makes it here. When we order we order so many extras. I am thinking about asking them next time to put it in a oil drum for me. @jmanz was able to try some on his visit. I looked over and watched him dip his bread stick in it, then I saw his eyes roll back in his head, them he climaxed. Please someone make this and sell it. There is a huge market for it.
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    It did look good but not sure why he was getting so many blue screens?
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    If you want to save money why not move here and we can share mine? A different meat each weekend!
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    Two vulnerabilities have been uncovered in Microsoft Windows security protocols which could lead to password cracking and domain compromise, researchers have warned. This week, the Preempt security team said the bugs were discovered in the Microsoft Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM) security protocols, a security software suite which replaced the older Windows LAN Manager (LANMAN) platform. http://www.zdnet.com/article/vulnerabilities-discovered-in-windows-security-protocols/
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    Home made Tannerite?
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    So in other words, you and I will be cooking the same amount on the Traegers?
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    Talked to Travis. They have a sale coming and they will be going for 499.99 I'm afraid the bolt cutters will be coming out for the wallet chain. Many thanks go out to Nodle for bringing it to our attention. (reviews / youtube video etc)
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    New expansion is coming!
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    Why don't they just use a double sided grill device (Forman Grill like) to put the burgers in, cook for a preset time instead of a machine that has to worry about flipping and temp control.
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    I would imagine this would hurt the oil industry quite a bit. Even a statement like that could. Just put windmills on the tops if someone tries to climb over it would be like a meat processor lol.
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    Desmond Doss: Non-combatant who rescued 75 men, one at a time, while under fire Desmond Doss’ religion forbade him from carrying a gun or threatening another human life, which was very inconvenient when he was drafted into the Second World War. So Doss was a conscientious objector, placed as a non-combatant, and was the target of ridicule from the other soldiers. He was serving as a field medic in Okinawa when the Japanese attacked his unit on top of a cliff, cutting down nearly every man. Doss quickly rigged up a stretcher that could be lowered by a series of ropes and pulleys to the ground below. Then, by himself and under fire, he retrieved each soldier in his unit one at a time and lowered them to safety. President Truman said it was 75 men that Doss pulled to safety when he presented him the Medal of Honor (above), but Doss insists it was closer to 50. That was only one instance of astonishing bravery and self-sacrifice Doss displayed throughout his military service. His story is told in the documentary The Conscientious Objector.
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    Anything "one world" this or that is a bad thing for everyone and anything. Why do you think people cry afoul when the phrase one world order is said? We are all at the mercy of one thing, one system, ideologies, freedom. etc... One world currency doesn't just mean a nice convenient stable currency, it means more means to be manipulated and controlled, no competition, nothing to keep it in-check. Unless you are a control freak or someone who believe's in this (which surprisingly many believe in). Cryptocurrecies are so unbelievably terrible and will ruin not only our money system, but with the surging increase of complicated hacking going on, it's only a matter of time they will screw us over and politicians and bankers lying to cover things up and screwing others over. They will also be able to control our money habits against our will. I have to laugh when people feel secure about things like online password keepers and think they are "safe". Hackers have the ability to get into anything, as long as it's electronic and has outside access. Do you really think cryptocurrency will not be able to be hacked into or manipulated? Also, there is no such thing as "finite" cryptocurrency, it's more able to be made out of thin air than printing money. Easy come - easy made, easy go. Long gone are the days of peppercorns and precious metals being the main source, but at least they were a physical material to source and handle. Printed money sounded good being backed by metals, but those days are long gone too.
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    ^^ That is @C Pav's personal collection. Not for scalping, he just needed more than one and then had to have enough for the pyramid formation
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    Gotta catch those tourists.
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    Yeah coming in all 3 units they ship...
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    Putin seems like a good guy. Cares about his country.
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    Picked up some mags yesterday. Mine came with a Magpul Gen3 standard clip which I like the way it feels, so I picked up basically the same but with a small window. https://www.magpul.com/products/firearms-accessories/pmag-magazines/pmag-30-ar-m4-gen-m3-window