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  2. "Tide Pod Challenge"

  3. "Tide Pod Challenge"

  4. Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    Scope is pretty sweet, I could finish it but I think my dad wants to help me. Also got my check rest. Really like it. You have got to take your time putting it on though to make sure it's stretched and lined up perfectly.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Wells Fargo bank fraud

    NIce! Why do I even still bank with them? Glitch huh? Yeah I'm sure... I've seen Office Space to know what really is happening.
  7. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Yep, there is the list and number 1 is the Saint's Row in question: http://twinfinite.net/2017/05/most-expensive-collectors-editions-of-all-time/ THis is the retail price of them so not really what is the most valuable now as there are some that ere cheaper initially but due to being more rare they are worth more. I think the original Dead Space collectors edition wasn't too expensive but only 1000 made so it's worth quite a bit.
  8. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    I bet @C Pav would now what the most valuable collectors edition out there is for video games. Wait wasn't it that Saint's Row thing @C Pav?
  9. Cryptocurrency phone app

    For any of the currencies it will use GPU and/or CPU. Most people build rigs that use GPU because the types of calculations being done to "mine" a coin are done more efficiently by the GPU architecture than by a CPU. One could certainly do this with low power devices like phone CPU, console CPU's (I've seen people consider writing an app to run on an Xbox to mine currencies), etc. Someone may have already put this into an app, just imagine your favorite little time waster of a game is in the background contributing to the mining operations of everyone else playing the same little mobile time wasting game. I would suspect more folks would include something like this to mine for themselves and hijack the cycles of all their consumers CPU's than to just release an app where if you let your phone run for 30 years you might get a bit coin from it.
  10. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Sure, but like every collector edition since the Fallout lunch box really. Halo helmet, Fall Out New Vegas, God of War 3, Titanfall, Skyrim, Call of Duty games with crappy remote control cars/drones, Uncharted, etc the list could go on and on and on. The only semi limited release I can think of in recent memory was the ultra spendy and tough to get Loot crate edition of Borderlands 2
  11. Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    You know that's the way I feel about mine. I mean cant beat it, shes a fun gun. My new scope comes today for mine.
  12. Hi-Point Carbine rifle

    I believe she just got the default options. Excellent deal when a guy considers what alot of other guns are going for these days.
  13. Cryptocurrency phone app

    So this got me thinking this morning. So the creation of a Bitcoin uses the power of your GPU if I am not mistaken, maybe CPU? The more powerful the GPU or CPU the more numbers it can crunch (which I am still confused on what the calculations are being used for). So why not a phone app that can run in the background using your GPU, or CPU and slowly create one? I guess one reason would be battery life, It would really suck it down. But still I am not surprised someone has not either hidden it in an app, or made one for Bitcoin mining. I bet if you created an app right now and made sold it for $.99 you would make a killing right now.
  14. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Like the Halo helmet? I bet you can still find that thing on store's shelves.
  15. All things related to Nintendo Systems

    I'm not sure if I want to put a fairly spendy device into cardboard and then use that to play with the thing. I haven't really looked into these kits, but as I understand it there's some games like fishing or such. Do I really want to put the device and controllers into a cardboard holder and then flop it around like a fishing rod, risking damage to the device, or other items in my house? Not really. This reminds me of my plans to create an iOS game that would put you on a leaderboard based on the distance your could throw your phone....
  16. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    I'll get the game. Not so sure about this set. A lot of stuff and a lot of money. I have a little Kratos statue from one of the previous games already. Collector editions today are just a big marketing thing anyway, always too mass produced to ever truly have value
  17. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    I love collectors editions but they are getting too spendy. If it were 80 maybe I would but not 150. Sure I got Ni NU 2 and that was insane but I like RPG collectors that tend to be harder to find later over these that seem to be easy. Been burned too many times...Halo 3 anyone?? I sure loved the series but after 2 and then the PSP version I had when I got the special God of War PSP I just lost interest due to changes in life, lack of time and other games I played.
  18. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    Really? I bet @ndboarder will this use to be his favorite series.
  19. It's Nintendo, it will be the next hottest thing...
  20. God of War Stone Mason's Edition

    No thanks.
  21. Pass
  22. Wells Fargo bank fraud

    Wells Fargo bill payment glitch emptying some accounts
  23. Earthquakes

    Earthquake: 4.1 quake strikes north of Santa Rosa, Calif.
  24. Gun Cleaning Tools and Materials

    I came home from today and my Dad had been over in my garage all day, built all new shelves across my gun cleaning area, about 7 of them about 6 foot long, plus corner shelve including shelf for computer monitor etc. Pretty sweet work area now.
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