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  4. iOS 11

    LMAO! Ya I need to just go through my settings. I know there is a portion that shows what is using the most battery. I like some of the darker fonts like on the dial screen. There is one big change that I have noticed. That is the clarity of my calls. I first noticed this yesterday when I made a call to a dealer, I thought man they sound crisp. Then I talked to my wife today and there was a big change, normally I can't even understand her, but today she was clean a crisp. I wonder if there was a change?
  5. iOS 11

    Testing some more right now and truthfully, things seem snappier all around for the apps I use. Myfitnesspal, to log calories since a fatty, used to be terrible but now it's so much better. Same for others. I also like some of the additions to the OS. Biggest thing is when I go to storage it lets me bring up a list of what items are taking up what and where they are. Take videos and pictures in messages. I try my best to clean them up myself but keep so many and would be a pain to go through old message threads to find what and where they were. Now it does that for me and tells me. So nice. Also the offload unused apps may be nice to use for removing the app but keeping the data. Before it was all or nothing.
  6. iOS 11

    After installation yesterday things seemed faster (6 plus) and battery seemed better or same. Today some things seem like already slowing down and battery is at 62% but that's normal for a 30 month old phone and the use of it.
  7. iOS 11

    I talked to a couple of people who put it on their iphone 7's and they haven't noticed a battery life difference. I still haven't put it on my 6 yet.
  8. iOS 11

    So I am starting to think what @jmanz said about the battery life is true. I use to charge over night go all day and still have 75% left. Yesterday when I got home I had 4%. Today is slightly better but still going down faster tha iOS 10.
  9. China is squeezing them now too. China has instructed their banks not to do business with N. Korea. That news just came out today.
  10. Rocket Man; I think it's gonna be a wong wong time...
  11. Unemployment Insurance

    I always think of you when I do stuff like that, I say "I bet if @C Pav was here he would love this". I don't blame you in your position though. But you have to make a choice sometime what is more important.
  12. Unemployment Insurance

    See this I agree with. Thing is I know you say just do it then and change but it's not that easy but I would love to not deal with technology and do something more physical at times like you.
  13. The world ends 9/23/17

    Good thing it's on a Saturday!
  14. Unemployment Insurance

    Honestly though I was just thinking about this, change is actually good. I was down in a trench today leaning on a shovel and it was actually fun doing some physical labor once and awhile. I am outside not couped up in an office, don't have to deal with an customer, just me and my hands. It's the stress factor, and the "I am sitting here wasting my life" that is gone.
  15. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Oh wait I thought this was the original one lol.
  16. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Yeah they were the only band that came to mind before I looked up the rest. He's all about the nookie (and riots).
  17. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Limp Bisket got some flak I recall.
  18. Woodstock 94 - 99

    I cheated and looked up the lineup for 99. I can see why the crowds got worked up lol. Collective Soul was there!
  19. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Joplin and Hendrix had talent. Perry not so much? I read that Joe Cocker was at woodstock '69 and woodstock '94.
  20. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Janis Joplin? Jimi Hendrix? Katy Perry?
  21. Unemployment Insurance

    I was for about two months on my own when we moved. I took the first job I could get and it sucked. I couldn't get unemployment since I am the one that left my old job. It reminded me of dating. It sucks having to start all over again from the beginning, where a job your at awhile is like being married and you get comfortable. But in in it all settles back down and things get back to normal. I guess in a way it's actually a good thing. Instead of a stale old job you get to learn and do something new. Sometimes it's even way better.
  22. Unemployment Insurance

    Has anyone been on unemployment recently? Does ya have any tips?
  23. Last week
  24. Woodstock 94 - 99

    Who can remember the bands? 99 things got ugly.
  25. Earthquakes

    Sons of bucks are out to get us.
  26. Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    I don't I like it when you buy stuff, I miss the old @C Pav, day one consoles, day one hand helds, sports cars, hookers, eBay games...
  27. Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    Your reply and my touche` mad me rethink my comments and realize you are right...but why do you always make me feel bad when I buy something?
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