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  2. Amazon Prime Day

    Amazon jacked up Prime Day prices, misleading consumers, says vendor
  3. Call 911, Get Murdered

    The problem is that the good ones rarely turn in or report the bad ones because they want to keep their jobs. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
  4. All things related to the PS4

    No Sir I have not, but I am liking the way it looks. Did you play The Vanishing of Ethan Carter? It looks just like that. I played it on the PC and it was amazing.
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  6. Call 911, Get Murdered

    There are good one and bad ones, show them respect, they will normally do to.
  7. All things related to the PS4

    Kinda dark and easy - have you looked at What remains of Edith Finch? I think this was a PS4 exclusive for a while, but hit Xbox earlier this month. I grabbed it and played it. It's mostly an interactive story about a cursed family. It was pretty interesting, but was also easily completed in one sitting for the $20 price tag. On sale I'd grab it again though.
  8. Lets discuss Barbecuers

    Will be interesting to see how the hardware is and how it works with the app. Primarily I like this one because it is WiFi so can monitor from any range and not needing to be basically at the grill anyway with the standalone wireless ones or the BlueTooth ones that work with apps that most companies have done.
  9. Lets discuss Barbecuers

    Let me know how it works, still considering one since mine has a spot for it.
  10. All things related to the PS4

    It got cloudy here yesterday and I had memories of playing Alan Wake and Costume Quest again, so I wanted something kinda dark and easy.
  11. Lets discuss Barbecuers

    Guess I mentioned this a while back already, but my WiFi meat thermometer gets delivered today. Finally. https://www.lokiproducts.com Now I need to pick something up to try the thing out
  12. Call 911, Get Murdered

    Those with power are held to a higher standard. Official misconduct under the color of law is a serious offense. Qualified immunity is lost.
  13. All things related to the PS4

    Yeah like I said I already played and beat it 100% on the 360 but since I have the One version I wanted something more relaxing to play so started it.
  14. All things related to the PS4

    Ya I think I played this on the 360 as well. I loved it.
  15. All things related to the PS4

    I probably should give it another chance. I started Brothers a tale of two sons for the XBox One(played it already on the 360 and beat it 100%) last night and enjoy the simple controls.
  16. Call 911, Get Murdered

    escalation... people afraid to tell the police they have a CC and a weapon in the vehicle or on them, police afraid people don't/won't tell them - shit happens, people become more afraid, police become more afraid - repeat and worsen
  17. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Nope, but everyone that does loves it. I heard it's beautiful as well. This one always seemed right up your alley.
  18. All things related to the PS4

    Interesting, see I can't get into the hack and slash anymore, I want just simple controls and more about the art style (lol simple controls and I play WoW).
  19. Call 911, Get Murdered

    I wouldn't say anything unless asked, at least that is the way it is in our state. Now if he would tell me to step out of the vehicle, then I would probably mention it.
  20. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Have you played it?
  21. All things related to the PS4

    I got it a while back on sale for the XBox and it's okay but I find the types of puzzles make me NOT want to play the game. I don't know man I guess just getting old and like to just shoot stuff and button mash.
  22. Call 911, Get Murdered

    When I took the class to acquire the permit, the instructor said if pulled over, the best idea is to hand your concealed permit card to the officer along with your license and vehicle registration.
  23. Call 911, Get Murdered

    "Answer is yes TA. When either a license plate or driver's license inquiry is run through NCIC (National Crime Information Center, a nationwide network with a series of databases maintained by the FBI), the permit is tagged to the person in the same way that an arrest warrant alert is. If another state runs it, same thing. Only way it won't show up is if your state doesn't participate in the CWP database, but most do."
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